These Before And After Photos Capture The Pure Power Of Makeup

It’s easy for those of us who just slap on the same old makeup on a daily basis to forget just how dramatically a few products can alter our appearance. In a modern form of witchcraft, a simple touch of foundation and eyeliner can make you look like a different person in less than five minutes – if applied properly.

For those who know exactly what they’re doing when it comes down to transforming their face, the possibilities are endless, but also relatively controversial if you pay attention to those who believe a heavy face of makeup is deceptive. “It’s what is on the inside that counts,” they cry, completely oblivious to the fact that makeup on the outside doesn’t alter the personality.

After all, you’ve gotta do you when it comes to makeup. Something that the following beautiful women all effortlessly prove…

1. Makeup master!

Nikki de Jager is one of YouTube’s leading beauty gurus. The Dutch-born makeup artist is helping educate people on the power of makeup, something she did effortlessly in this video which has been viewed more than 37 million times!

The 23-year-old, who believes that there “are no rules to makeup” was not shy to highlight just how different she looks under her expertly applied face – and why should she be? She looks stunning before and after!

2. Spot the difference

For those who suffer with acne, makeup is a miracle worker. Able to conceal dark, angry areas on the skin, makeup can be the ultimate confidence booster.

3. Age is just a number

Age shouldn’t determine how you apply your makeup. You don’t have to conform to a blue eyeshadow and rose pink lip just because you’ve celebrated your 60th birthday. Rock that smokey eye and red lip if it’s how you feel!

4. Eyebrows on fleek

When you have an event to attend, there is nothing more comforting than being able to conceal your tired eyes with a healthy dose of concealer.

5. Age before beauty

Have you ever wondered how Kris Jenner always looks so youthful despite being 62-years-old? Well, it’s because she always has somebody on hand to make her look decades younger with the power of makeup. This woman demonstrates how it’s done.

6. You couldn’t make it up!

According to Goldman Sachs, the makeup industry is worth a staggering $18 billion – it’s easy to see how that could be when you see results like this!

7. Eye see what you did there

For models, makeup is an essential part of the job which cannot be avoided. While it may look like fun to have your face used like an artist’s canvas, it is actually not a perk of the job. Can you just imagine what all that makeup on a regular basis would do to your skin?

8. We can’t keep up

Paolo Ballesteros has a unique talent – he can transform himself into any member of the Kardashian/Jenner family thanks to the power of makeup!

9. Spot the difference

Alarmingly, every year it is calculated that people in America spend more money on beauty than they do on education!

10. Transformation time

The global beauty industry grows by 7% each year, which is significantly more so than most developing countries.

11. Glow up

It is said that the average woman uses 168 chemicals on their face on a daily basis, meanwhile, the average man only uses 85 ingredients.

12. Face to face

Here is a fun fact for you: usually in a recession, lipstick sales increase while the sales of everything else plummet!

13. Bursting with beauty

Makeup has got a lot less hazardous over the centuries. Back in the Elizabethian ages, women would consume toxic substances such as arsenic to try and pale their complexions!

14. Kim does it too

 Kim Kardashian is responsible for a majority of the makeup trends on the planet today, from her bold brows to those plump lips. But, when you strip it all back, she looks just like an ordinary person – well, sort of.

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