Photographer Captures Women’s Changing Faces Before, During And After An Orgasm

Each woman left with a collage of four photos: the before, during and after shots of their orgasms. And the final shot which depicted the ladies beaming into the camera.

"That final shot, of a strong female grinning into the camera, is exactly what we want people to see.

We hope that everyone viewing this project will feel more confident about their bodies and sexuality. All it takes is one smile at a time." 

It's safe to say that Marcos is incredibly proud of his project. After his first photo-series went viral, he certainly had high hopes for this one.

"I love that we were able to speak so frankly with these women about sex and pleasure.

"When you approach the taboo topic of sex through the lens of humor, people start to open up and share opinions more freely, which can lead to a monumental change in people’s mentality."

Hopefully, these photos will effect at least some kind of change in the way that female pleasure is seen. In a world where it is still seen as daring for a woman to speak candidly about her sexuality, a project like this is more than necessary.

Fortunately in 2017, there are numerous projects seeking to represent women and account for their achievements. Check out this video which celebrates women from various backgrounds and everything they have done to better their own lives and the lives of others.

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