Photographer Captures Butterflies Drinking Tears From Turtle Eyes

You come across moments in life that seem beyond your wildest imagination and by the time you get your phone out to get a beautiful snap for Instagram which is ensured to rake in the likes, or a snapchat story that isn’t going to annoy anyone the moment has passed and you only have your memories to hold on to.



But this phenomenon that is even hard to witness in nature has been captured and photographed – Julia Butterflies (Dryas iulia) drinking the tears of turtles and alligators.


You potentially may be disappointed when you realise that the butterflies are not there to comfort the teary reptiles but are instead feeding off them – a phenomenon called lachryphagy, which translates to mean “tear-feeding” which may sound cruel, it is one of the ways that is vital for the butterflies to get precious nutrition.



National Geographic reported that the butterflies sip on the tears to get the necessary sodium and other minerals that are vital for egg production and metabolism. Although the mutual benefits are not yet proven, so long as those that produce the tears are not all too bothered, bon appetite!


There is something weirdly endearing and slightly romantic about the images captured; I don’t know what it is specifically but its so almost unbelievably beautiful that they look like something out of a Disney movie…

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