7-Step Guide Will Tell You How Your Children Will Look

4. Family trees

Since dark hair is a strong gene, you can expect to pass this on to your kids, even if your partner has a different hair colour. I guess that's tough luck for beautiful blondes like Jennifer Lawrence but hey, power to the brunettes!

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5. Passing generations

If you have light coloured eyes or blonde hair and have been reading this article with concern, don't worry. Your genes may be "weak" but they're pretty crafty. Sometimes they lie in wait like ninjas, waiting to pounce on future generations. Dark hair might win today, but the blonde gene lives to fight another day! Just wait till you see the grandkids!

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6. Genetic Prediction

If playing the long game isn't your style and you want a more specific idea of how cute your unborn babies will be, science can help. Based on DNA strands, scientists can literally give you a clearer picture by predicting certain physical features like bone structure.

Head over to page three to see how science might be able to go even further than a mere prediction.


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