People Candidly Reveal What Happened When They Slept With Their Boss

3. He even got a raise

"I slept with my boss. We were all out having drinks and were sharing a cab. She told the cab driver to just drop both of us off at her place and I gladly went with it. I transferred to another department shortly thereafter because we both agreed it was weird now. Unbeknownst to me, I was giving a raise and a new title when I transferred. I always thought of it as a reward for being discreet. I had sex with her because she was a hot older woman, the raise I got later was unexpected. "

4. Not bad for a summer job

"Pretty awesome. She sat on my face, and I got three bucks more an hour to lifeguard the local pool. Best summer job I ever had."

5. She has absolutely no regrets

"I had sex with my manager so I could become a full-time waitress. When I started working at my current job I was a hostess. Eventually I was able to wait tables part time but still, most of my hours were for shifts as a hostess, which only paid minimum wage. I kept pestering the GM and AMs to be made a full time waitress but there just weren’t enough shifts at the time.

Eventually my GM announced that he would be leaving to open another restaurant in another state (not part of our small chain; completely different franchise). He ended up taking me aside to tell me that he really wanted to make sure I was promoted to full-time server before he left. I was thrilled! He asked if I’d like to talk about it with him at his house that night. I said absolutely!

When I got to his place I realized right away that there was a total quid pro quo type of thing in the works. Yes, he’d make sure I officially became a full time waitress. He promised that while stroking my thigh, though, and that’s when I realized what was happening.

Yes, I did it. Keep in mind I never felt threatened or pressured. I wanted the 'promotion', he wanted sex, and I was okay with that. Did it make me feel a little dirty? Definitely. But it was actually a really fun night that I don’t regret.

Was it worth it? Absolutely! At the time I was barely able to pay my bills. I was literally living paycheck to paycheck. In the 2+ years since I’ve managed to save a pretty decent amount of money. When it’s not killing me I like the work, too. But if I’d had to wait for that promotion, especially after that GM left, it would have probably been months before I became a full time waitress. There’s no way I would have been able to manage that and I’d have probably ended up getting a different job. So yeah, I was happy with the results."


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