People Reveal The Most Messed Up Ways They’ve Ever Been Dumped

Let’s face it, for every good relationship we’ve been in, there have been many others that were just downright terrible.

It’s funny how things can sure feel good at first, but when the chemistry fades and the lust goggles come off, as they always do, sometimes we realize we’ve been dating Voldemort.

Chin up, some folks still manage to have lasting and loving relationships, right? I might not know any of these mythical creatures, but sources say they are out there!

It’s safe to say none of the people on this list are long-term relationship material. Check out the following 13 real-life stories of the most messed up ways someone has been dumped. If nothing else, it’ll make you feel better about the last jerk who left you!

1. Awkward!

I think you left things a little too late there, buddy.

2. Baby on Board

I guess when you’re in a same-sex relationship, there’s really no covering this one up!

3. The Coward

Wonder if his mommy still breaks up with his girlfriends now, or has he magically found his balls?

4. Liar Liar Pants On Fire

For future reference, just keep things simple and break up with the guy. You can always make your sleazy move on his best friend after you’ve broken up.

Thought that was cold? Wait until you see number 5!

5. Is It Cheating If They Never Broke Up?

So like, was she going to tell him or did she want the two guys to duke it out in the parking lot?

6. Hmm… Was He Irish?

Can we all just agree that Irish goodbyes are the worst? Have a heart and withstand a few uncomfortable moments so that someone else’s doesn’t shatter.

7. Buy Two, Get One Free?

This is one heck of an unlucky guy. Maybe third time’s the charm?

8. Bad Timing

Girl, you could have at least let the poor guy enjoy his hot air balloon ride first!

9. Surprise! I’m a racist.

When you realize you’ve been dating a racist this whole time perhaps it feels more like dodging a bullet than heartbreak.

Okay, we’ve all been guilty of using Google for relationship advice, this for one man’s girlfriend, it totally backfired! Check out number 10 to see what I’m talking about…

10. The Google Breakup

Hmm… Maybe it was her plan all along to have him find it.

11. Messenger Is Not For Breakups

One: Always break up with someone in person. Two: Never give bad news to someone around their birthday or a major event. Three: This guy is a totally self-centered waste of perfectly good organs.

12. What Would Jesus Do?

Back to Christian Mingle for you!

13. RSVP Required

To whom it may concern: Breakups should not come in the form of a business email.

Sincerely, everyone with a heart.

If those messed up breakups weren’t enough, check out the video below for the worst break up ever! A couple ends their relationship while on a rollercoaster.

They both look like they might barf but it’s unclear if it’s from motion sickness or the terrible timing of deciding to call it quits while strapped into theme park ride. I guarantee your last break up wasn’t as bad as this one!

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