People Reveal The Most Messed Up Things They’ve Ever Done To Their Sims

I’m not afraid to admit that I used to love playing THE SIMS. Although I never really played the whole game through, like the majority of its users I would make my family, enter in a few cheat codes and make the most lavish mansion of all time. After that I’d just repeat the process because if I ever tried to carry on with the next stage I always managed to burn down the house with the baby left inside. Which was totally unintentional of course…

Being able to basically play “God” to a family of animated people can seriously turn into a sick power trip. BuzzFeed recently asked their community; “What was the most MESSED UP thing you have ever done while playing The Sims?” The responses were seriously a cause for concern…

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1. Putting Baby In The Corner

“I had two very attractive Sims and they had a baby. But, the kid was hideous – so, I had it taken away. Then they had a daughter, and she was beautiful – but once she started school, she brought a friend home. It was the first kid!” –  @leafriday

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19. Dad’s WooHoo Secrets

“I made a ‘perfect’ family, except I made the dad secretly gay and made a household of eight gay men next door. He woohoo’d regularly with all of them. Well, one time I invited all of his gay lovers over and introduced them to his wife – then made him woohoo all of his boyfriends at once and made his wife watch.” – @kirstens488becaa1



3. “Baby Back Ribs”

 “I barbecued my baby because my baby daddy was annoying AF – then I served up the BBQ baby at his dinner party.” –  @ellar4db4e30e0

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14. Friend Of The Family

“I’ve killed so many Sims that the Grim Reaper is a close friend of the family. After he collects the soul of my most recent murder, he hangs out with the family, has dinner, and helps the children with their homework.” – Brandy Stormageddon Wheelhouse, Facebook

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5. Television Addict

“I made the family from 7th Heaven. I even replicated the house. Once they had established themselves in the neighbourhood, I killed them off in order of the level of dislike I had for their character.” – @asjahr

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6. Dictating The Dictators

“I created a bunch of historic dictators and moved them into one little house. It was a single room with a toilet and a fridge, and I just made them watch each other shit all day. They all hated each other and died off pretty quickly.” – @glitterbabe

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7. Serious Family Issues

“I made my Sim have sex with an alien at her birthday party and made her husband, step-daughter, brother, sister-in-law, and infant-son watch. Then she had the alien’s baby, which I burned in a room because I didn’t want some weird green alien baby.” – @nicholaskimcage

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8. Love You To Death!

“The Grim Reaper fell in love with my Sim – so I made her murder another Sim every day so they could see each other.” – Preston Cadle, Facebook

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9. Keeping It In The Family

“I threw a wedding for my two Sims and invited everyone they knew. Then I made them flirt and make-out with every guest – including the family members.” – @laura48f746632

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10. Got Milk?

“A burglar broke into my Sim’s house, so I had my Sim buy a cow-plant, befriend the burglar, and invite her over again. The burglar was eaten by the cow-plant. Then I had my Sim drink the milk the cow-plant produced from eating the burglar.” – @m1nt3a

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11. “Forever Alone”

“In The Sims, I literally killed everyone in the entire town until there were no other Sims left for me to kill. I named him ‘Forever Alone.'” – @a40eac7bb11

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12. Burn Baby, Burn

“I made four Sims and trapped them in four identical kitchens, without doors. I made them cook and cook until they all set the stoves on fire and burned to death and only one remained.” –  @gretchenmanteuf

13. So, Basically Just Like Jersey Shore…

“I created eight teens, made them all enemies, put them in an arena, and watched what unfolded. I even had one ambitious tribute make a snowstorm with the weather machine. But then the snow turned to fire and they all burned to death.” – Rachael Crawley, Facebook

14. In Too Deep

“I drowned the first Sim I ever made because she got old so she no longer served a purpose.” – @tamsinb3

15. Not Fit To Be A Father

“Every time my Sim had a baby boy, I neglected the crap out of it until Child Protective Services showed up because the choices for boy clothes were just dreadful.” – Mandy Kowalsky, Facebook

16. Sim Side-Chicks

“I made my Sim start a relationship with every girl in the neighbourhood, and after they all fell in love with my Sim, I threw a gigantic dinner party and invited them all over at once – just to watch the chaos unfold. They LINED UP to slap him.” – Tison Hiland, Facebook

17. Living In A Box

“I made nine glass boxes and trapped Sims inside so the neighbours could watch them slowly piss themselves and starve to death as they passed by.” – Anna Domingo, Facebook

18. Trial By Fire AND Water

“I put a vampire Sim in the pool overnight without a ladder so I could watch them drown and burn to death at the same time in the morning.” – Emily Simmons, Facebook

19. A Moo-ving Love Story?

“I’ve been marrying my Sim to men, getting her pregnant, and then having the men get eaten by my cow-plant immediately.” – @mimosfriend

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20. The Female Of The Species…

“I had a Sim I called “The Black Widow”. I’d have her go into town and make men fall in love with her. Then, I’d invite the men into the basement and delete the stairs. While they were in the basement starving to death, I’d make her go out and find her next victim.” – Colleen McEachern, Facebook

I think we can all agree that The Sims has single-handedly proven that the world is bursting full of absolute nutters. Don’t worry we’ll protect you, this is how you can detect if someone is a psychopath.

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