People Reveal The Exact Moment They Fell Out Of Love With Someone

Love makes the world go round! All you need is love! Love is all around us! Where there is love, there is life!

Yes, February 14 is truly the day of love, where we celebrate the day that Cupid first shot us with his little bow and arrow. However, if falling in love is supposed to be warm, delightful and exciting, then falling out of love is almost certainly cold, dark and devastatingly brutal.

It’s all too common that we hear people discuss the moment they first fell in love with their partners, but people rarely discuss the exact moments they actually fell OUT of love with someone – but thinking about it, we’ve nearly all been there. For me, I once had to stand by an ex-girlfriend as she belittled a bus driver. Yep, I had no idea she was just so rude.

Now, the people of Twitter are revealing the exact moment they fell out of love with somebody after they were challenged by writer Arabelle Sicardi – more specifically, what this person said in one sentence that made them unlovable.

Here are our favorites:

1. Embarrassed to be near you

Nothing says true love like “go stand over there so nobody sees we’re together”.

2. I know what I’m thankful for…

…not having you in my life anymore.

3. Some people just aren’t switched on

I wonder if they grew out of being an insensitive d***?

Another one for me is when an ex-girlfriend exclaimed, “how embarrassing” when I was crying at Marley & Me. I guess some people just don’t have a heart.

4. I’m done with you

Seriously, some people just don’t have a clue about what’s going on around them.

5. They’re all me, me, me!

Could this person be any more self-involved?

6. Setting the goal for love too high…

…and the bar for men too low.

The final one for me? When my last ex-girlfriend said, “We’re over, I just don’t love you anymore.” It was pretty hard for me to love her after that…

And don’t worry if you’ve had to ditch your partner and are all alone this Valentine’s Day, because here are 33 tips to getting yourself off:

7. Oh, there’s no problem…

…I just won’t go out with you anymore.

8. When you’re ex thinks they’ve had to so hard

Always playing the victim…

9. The Fruitloop

Here’s another one: “It’s like, you were my boyfriend, and now you’re not…”

10. Sick of you

Seriously, how do people end up with these jackasses in the first place?

I can only hope that these people went on to find love with somebody who was caring and considerate, and I can only imagine that the people who said these things are still struggling to find love and understand why nobody else will ever love them.

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