‘People’ Have Crowned The Sexist Man Alive In 2017 And No One Agrees

Human attraction is a bizarre phenomenon. Most of us can admit to having a type, but certain characteristics have always been perceived as attractive on men and women, and this is usually what they are judged on in pageants.

The esteemed title of 'Sexist Man Alive' has been coveted since it was launched by People in 1985. Over the years, some of the biggest and most attractive stars in the world have been given the title, including Brad Pitt and Johnny Depp.

Whilst there's no doubt that People won't please everyone with their choice, generally speaking, those who are given the title aren't unpleasing to the eye. I don't personally find David Beckham sexy, but I can see why he got the award.

Admittedly, no two people find the same thing attractive, and the characteristics that we're attracted to often change over time. But regardless of who you're attracted to, you can usually tell on a first glance whether or not someone is sexy.

What's more is that there's a lot more to being sexy than good looks. Those who are selected as the Sexist Man Alive ooze charm and charisma, and this compliments their preexisting good looks by giving them 'that little something extra'.

People recently announced their Sexist Man Alive for 2017, and the response was one of unanimous confusion. Not only is this man lacking in lacking in the looks department, but he's outraged people with his questionable personality.


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