People Are Obsessed with Student Who Took Graduation Photos with Her Dog

If you’re a student, then you’ll probably already heard, roughly 18 trillion times, about how important your graduation ceremony is. It’s the time when we all don a long cloak that makes us look like Professor Severus Snape, wear a hat that looks like a novelty bookrest with a curtain tassel hanging off it, and go through the whole rigmarole of actually getting our hands on the piece of paper we’ve worked our behinds off for four years to attain.

The actual ceremony itself is pretty damn boring as well. You and your classmates are herded like mutton into a dismal, cold hall, to sit in silence while your dean staggers to the podium and congratulates the university for giving you a few letters to add before your name.

Then there’s more speeches, maybe a song or two, before finally, the long parade of people traipses out for their golden handshake and a token tap on the head with a scroll. As if that wasn’t bad enough, you’re then forced to wait in a gigantic queue for hours at a time to get dozens of photos taken for a horde of wrinkly relatives. The whole process can get pretty aggravating.

At your graduation, you’ll likely bump into a host of people you’ve never meant before, who have managed to duck and dodge going to any classes. You’ll likely be sharing your special commemorative day with about a hundred other similarly-attired academics. How to stick out from the crowd, and be seen as individual? This week, the sister of a Twitter got some serious attention on social media, after she brought a certain furry friend along to the ceremony, to the delight of the internet at large.

Twitter user Gaby Sazarcon‘s sister graduated this week, which meant that she inevitably had to go through the process of posing for an endless collage of tedious graduation and yearbook photos. Yawn. To escape the unbearable snooze-fest, Gaby’s sister decided to involve her dog in the snaps, and posed with her brown Dachshund while wearing her graduation robes, to the delight of Gaby’s Twitter followers.

It might sound unbelievable, but it’s not all that uncommon for animals to attend graduation ceremonies; in some instances, they even walk away with a certified diploma (albeit a fraudulent one). Animals are often used as a device to clearly demonstrate the lax standards of the awarding institutions, who hand out degrees willy-nilly. In one instance, a degree attained by a house cat called Colby Nolan, helped lead to a successful fraud prosecution against a Dallas-based diploma mill.

So who knows? Maybe this little Dachshund was actually undercover the whole time?  Even still, it’s pretty crazy that a dog was ever allowed into a graduation ceremony, especially when some humans are unfairly deterred from attending. For instance, take the case of the student who was banned from walking in her graduation ceremony because she was pregnant.

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