People Are Going Crazy For These Ripped Jeans Which Cost $166 A Pair

Pretty much everyone on the planet owns a pair of jeans, and for good reason. They look great on both men and women, they’re hugely versatile and despite the fact that they’ve been around since the 19th century, we just can’t get enough of them.

That’s why they’re constantly being reinvented – fashion brands can afford to experiment with the classic jeans look because they’re so damn popular.

I mean, there are literally jeans you can buy with a zipper for your butt. Vetements formed a partnership with Levis and launched this pair of “high-distressed jeans” with a zipper spanning the length of the wearer’s buttcrack.

There are jeans with detachable pant legs (I guess some people think it’s practical):

And there are even mud-splattered jeans (yes, people actually buy these):

Of course, the original “experimental jeans” were the ripped jeans which have now pretty much just become a standard pair. People love ripped jeans – it’s a fashion trend that definitely hasn’t waned, despite being around for quite a while.

Plus it’s fairly easy to make your own DIY rips (this video will show you the best methods for that):

Now, you may be used to ripped jeans looking a little like this:

But in the name of all things sensible, there should at least be a 7:3 ratio of fabric to, well, the lack of fabric. Especially if they’re going to cost the wearer an arm and a leg.

It would be pretty outrageous to label these particular jeans a pair of pants, considering they barely cover anything:

In fact, they probably cover less than a tiny pair of daisy dukes. The jeans are available at CARMAR Denim and are being referred to as “extreme cut out jeans”.

They retail at a staggering $166 which is just daylight robbery in my opinion. I mean, they look like a pair of jeans that have been butchered, beyond repair, by a five-year-old armed with a pair of scissors.

And while you might assume that nobody in their right mind would willingly shell out over a hundred dollars of their hard-earned cash almost literally for nothing, but apparently they’ve been soaring in popularity in the US. We can only imagine that this had a little something to do with Coachella festivalgoers and their hunt for the perfect outfit.

CARMAR described the pants as a “high rise pant with large statement cutouts on front and back” which isn’t the most accurate description I’ve ever heard. I mean, talk about an understatement!

Pretty cool of the brand to leave the pockets in though – that definitely earns them points for practicality in my eyes.

These jeans have become so popular in fact, that there’s actually a wait-list for purchases! That’s right – they actually sold out!

However, would it be enough to make me consider buying a pair for myself? Absolutely not!

So I’m going to stick with my reasonable tame standards and continue buying jeans that I can get away with wearing in public, perhaps with a subtle rip or two if I’m feeling brave.

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