People Are Criticizing Meghan Markle’s Legs For A Ridiculous Reason

Meghan Markle is back in the headlines again! Sometimes it seems like she never leaves as news stories about everything from what she’s wearing to what she eats has been reported on. Now it’s her legs that is making the headlines.

Earlier in the week, several members of the Royal Family, including Meghan and Harry, made an appearance at Westminster Abbey for Commonwealth Day. While eyes should have been on that fabulous beret Meghan had on, instead, everyone was preoccupied with the look of her legs.

Are these people serious??

Check out footage of Megan and her ensemble leaving Westminster Abbey below:

Critics are claiming that her legs looked too thin. Several people on the internet agreed, posting that Meghan is gorgeous but her legs are simply too skinny. Some have speculated about whether she is extreme dieting for the wedding and has gone too far.

This isn’t the first time the Royal-to-be’s legs have been in the spotlight. Previously, back in November, Meghan was criticised for showing her bare legs in public and many believed she should have been wearing tights.

Christine Ross from Meghan’s Mirror explained: “Although pantyhose are not required for every event, they are generally a rule for more formal or conservative royal events.”

“The perception is that pantyhose are more modest and feminine, but given how chilly London can be, it may be a practical choice more than anything,” she added.

This time, Meghan was wearing a pair of nude tights but still, her appearance was criticised. Fortunately, many people feel for the future princess:

But why is it always the Royal women who are subject to such scrutiny and not the men?

Last week it was Kate Middleton who was put under the microscope once again for her fingers appearing to be the same length in a photo. Yes, I’m serious. It’s as if we have run out of things to insult about their fashion choices that we’ve moved straight on to body parts.

At this point, it has just become straight up body shaming. While no celebrity is immune to criticism, saying Meghan’s legs are “too skinny” and suggesting that she may be unhealthy is going overboard, not to mention the ridiculous coverage of Kate’s fingers.

What will it be next time? Meghan’s elbows look uneven? Does she have lopsided ears? None of those things are true but it wouldn’t surprise me one bit to see either suggestion in the headlines next week.

Perhaps we just need a few more public appearances or an interview to tide us over until the wedding. Maybe releasing a few details about the hotly anticipated nuptials will keep the news feed away from Meghan’s body.

Then again, perhaps doing nothing at all is really the best response. It show’s Meghan’s ability to shake off the haters and doesn’t feed any fuel to the trolls. After all, if she lets the press get to her now, how will she cope when they start suggesting she’s got a baby bump!

Come on, you know as soon as Harry and Meghan wed, all the news is going to be about non-existent baby bumps.

In the meantime, let’s all talk about Meghan’s incredible white Crombie coat and matching beret by Stephen Jones, who just so happened to be Princess Diana’s Favorite designer! 

We think she looked amazing!

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