People Are Accusing This Mother Of Child Abuse After Video Of Baby Goes Viral 

The vast majority of the time, the internet can be a petty, unforgiving place; a place where trolls and white knights alike will hurl insults at one another, where argument and abuse is common to the point it becomes routine. If you spend enough time on the average forum or on the comments section of a website, you’ll quickly come to the conclusion that the philosopher Thomas Hobbes had the right opinion of humanity; namely, that we’re all a bunch of small-minded, rude, morons.

And yet when it really counts, the internet is capable of uniting people in the face of a common goal, particularly when it comes to fighting some perceived injustice. It takes a lot to get the mob to quit bickering, but I can guarantee that needlessly hurting animals or little children is a good way to become public enemy number one. Seriously; if you so much as hint that you’ve sneezed or a cat or laughed at a toddler’s haircut, then be prepared to suffer the consequences.

For example, a mother who posted what she thought was a perfectly honest video has come under fire, after viewers who saw the footage were shocked by the obvious distress her baby seemed to be in. The child in question is having its ears pierced as part of a family tradition, but the little baby seems to be in a lot of pain and is very frightened.

The video, which was posted by the YouTube channel “Crystal Vlogs & More“, has now received over 1,708,000 views as a result. The video’s description states, “Four and a half month old Riley gets her ears pierced. She did well! Only cried for about 30 seconds. And she was her normal happy self. Our family gets our girls ears pierced when they are Four months old, so they get it over with quickly, and won’t remember the pain. This is the 5th grandchild to get her ears pierced, all have loved them, and have been happy that they were done so young. [sic]”

More than 12,000 people have since commented on the video, most of whom have expressed shock and alarm for the terrified infant, and admonished the child’s parents for putting the baby through this ordeal. One commenter wrote, “Why would you do that! Poor baby was panting she was already stressed … abuse it shouldn’t be allowed! [sic]” while another person chimed in: “I  walked out of somewhere that was preparing to Pierce a baby’s ears … She could only have been weeks old … I could hear her piercing screams from other end of the precinct.”

The debate over the safety or ethical implications of piercing babies’ ears is one that has been raging on for many years, and the hot button topic bears with it many prejudices and points of view. For some, the practice is akin to child abuse, while others might consider ear piercings to be cute, have a cultural predisposition towards it, or believe that it’s less painful to do while the child is still young.

Some people have become so incensed by the piercing of children’s ears that they’ve actively launched a petition to ban the practice. If you believe that piercing young children is immoral and should be made illegal, them you can sign the 38 Degrees petition here.

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