Parents Take To The Internet To Explain Why They Hate Their Own Children

As a parent, you’re socially expected to adore your own flesh and blood. In fact, it is not even expected as it is so inherently natural that you should love your children that few people ever consider an alternative.

The all-consuming bond that a parent shares with their child is supposedly unbreakable. But, what happens when there was no bond there in the first place? What happens if you do not share a connection with your creation? Is that even possible?

Well, yes. According to these parents, despising your own child is as natural as loving them. The only difference between the two states is the fact that you cannot openly express your hatred for your own child and have it welcomed and applauded quite like you can when you confess your love for them.

Desperate to declare their true feelings, these parents all took to the internet to reveal how they actually feel about their children. It will surprise you to learn that some parents really are sickened by their own offspring. Their confessions are quite disturbing…

This mom has had enough

This exhausted mother echoes the feelings of practically every other mother in the world. Children are tiring creatures, who demand every ounce of your complete and utter devotion. It can often feel like you’re alone, but the truth is that you’re not. This mother will soon realize that children are a short term pain for a long term gain!

Which is more than can be said for this next mom…

A bad workman always blames his tools

Blaming your children is the oldest, least inventive, trick in the book and is often completely unfair. This mother provides a prime example of how not to pass the blame. That is, unless her children physically stuffed fatty foods into her protesting mouth and literally clawed her hair out from its scalp.

Out of sight, out of mind

This mother is clearly not a problem solver, which may explain why she has found herself in this turmoil in the first place. Sending the children, which you hate, to their father is unlikely to fix anything – other than a permanent state of confusion in your child’s mind.

Blame it on the kids!

This mother also tests the age old method of blaming the kids. This time the kids are responsible for ruining her relationship with their father. “Things were going so great before they came along,” she writes, clearly oblivious to the fact that a majority of parents are able to maintain their relationships AND children.

They probably do the same to you

Ironically, the behavior that this parent exhibits is the type you’d expect from the children. No doubt the children also do the same in return.

Why not take it out on the children

When you commit to having children, you are aware at that moment that they will inherit 50% of your partner’s genes. If you don’t survive as a couple, then your children will always be a permanent reminder of your ex. Clearly, this mother didn’t think this through. Either that, or the ex-husband did something really despicable.

This is what happens when you don’t keep the receipt…

It sounds as if this frustrated mother has already stopped caring, maybe she should let go of the children into the hands of the authorities before their 18th birthday if she loathes them so much.

So, do you hate yourself then?!

There are no words for this hate filled message that an anonymous mother wrote about her seven-year-old daughter. “She is so much like me that I can’t stand her,” she jealously writes.

Let children be children

Intellect isn’t available to a child overnight, it takes hard work and patience to teach children the importance of studies. No child is going to care if they’re intellectual or not, so stop trying to live vicariously through them.

This mom doesn’t care anymore

It sounds as though this parent made a rod for their own back by mollycoddling their children. Even as “grown adults” they cannot function on their own. The only person they have to blame is themselves!

Just go already

Maybe these children may benefit from the mother running away if she really hates them so much.

That’s kids for you…

At least this parent is honest. “My parenting skills suck,” they write, seeming to answer why their kids are such destructive tyrants.

This one makes NO sense

“I feel like they’ve trapped me in a life that I never wanted,” this parent writes, apparently blind to the fact that they chose to have them in the first place. Thus, at one point this was the life you wanted.

Parenting isn’t for everyone, clearly

This one answers itself. “I give them everything they ask for,” and the word “ungrateful” go hand in hand with one another. Maybe start saying no and then they’ll see the true value in things!?

Do you feel better about your parenting skills having read this? Or, do these parents messages resonate with you?

Meanwhile, parents who truly care about their children are questioning how you should correctly raise a child in this modern world. Should boys be allowed to wear dresses? Should girls be allowed to play with toy cars? This video explores the answer…

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