Owner Of Sex Doll Brothel Reveals The Fantasies That Are Strictly Banned

They don’t call prostitution the oldest trade in the world for nothing. Whilst many countries have outlawed brothels in an attempt to reduce the exploitation of sex workers, they are now taking on a new and completely legal guise.

How? Well now they are full of lifelike sex dolls. Thanks to technological advancements, sex dolls are now becoming so advanced that some men prefer them to real women. There are even models which have heated genitalia.

But it’s not just men who enjoy the company of sex dolls, they are also being made for women too. One user of a male sex doll said that its penis was “at times indistinguishable from a real one.”

Unlike real life prostitutes, sex dolls are not at risk of suffering emotional or physical abuse. What’s more is that their existence means that there is no risk of the sex trade increasing the prevalence of STIs.

Sex dolls also enable people who struggle to have relationships to enjoy sex. People who frequently visit brothels end up confusing the sex they are paying for with a real relationship, but that does not happen with sex dolls.

Although there’s a number of upsides to sex dolls replacing prostitutes, the owner of the world’s first sex doll brothel in Barcelona has had to ban certain activities form taking place in his establishment…

Speaking to the Daily Star about the ethical issues that exist in a sex doll brothel, Sergi Prieto, co-founder of Lumidolls sex doll brothel in Barcelona, said, “There exist dolls that are small and look like children. That’s an ethical option for us not to provide this kind of service.”

“Some customers prefer the service because they have a rape fantasy – obviously we don’t want to promote this kind of activity,” Prieto added.

Lumidolls charges upwards of $90 for sex with its dolls.

Here, Prieto raises an issue which sex dolls inevitably bring to light – their ability to enable people to carry out fantasies that they would never consider enacting with a real prostitute.

According to a report by the Foundation for Responsible Robotics, this could have “dark” implications.

Co-author of the report, Noel Sharkey, said that submissive robots – like Katy who is described to Lumidolls customers as the “perfect submissive” – could promote objectification, abuse, rape and paedophilia.

However, some have suggested that child sex dolls could reduce the risk of paedophiles acting on their desires with real children. StopSo, a UK-based charity, said that they should be prescribed to peadophiles as a form of therapy.

Child sex dolls are often confiscated by border control like the one below.

Juliet Grayson, chairman of StopSo, said, “If someone comes forward and says, ‘I am attracted to young children, and I want help to ensure that I never act on that attraction, so that I never harm a child,’ then maybe society should consider the use of dolls in a carefully regulated way.”

Talks are in place to ban child sex dolls from being owned in the UK. As they increase in popularity, it is more than likely that other countries will contemplate similar laws. The sale of child sex dolls is not illegal in the US.

Lumidolls currently exists in a secret location in Barcelona. Clients have to get in touch online before they can visit the brothel. Prieto said that “business is booming”, and they are receiving customers from all over the world.

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