Outrageous Four-Day Vacation Offers Guests “Unlimited” Sex, Drugs And Women

Critics of the vacation have a bone to pick with the organizers of "Sex Island" due to the fact that the adult mini-break may not be entirely legal.

And that's because while prostitution is legal in the South American country, pimping is not. And, well, it's pretty difficult to get around the fact that the 60 prostitutes are being managed by the company, and were hired for the sole purpose of having sex with their clients.

The sexually suggestive videos feature yacht parties in which young men are surrounded by a number of bikini-clad women. And promotional messages flash up on the screen: "unlimited sex included" and "drug friendly" being two examples.

Each day the guests will be allowed to choose two girls out of the 60 prostitutes, and have "unlimited sex" with them.

And according to the itinerary, they will be encouraged to take part in a sex session on the first day. On the second day each guest will be allowed 30 minutes alone with 16 prostitutes at once, and on the final two days a luxury yacht party has been planned, with plenty of hot, young women to go around.

The organizers of the trip have included this additional information in order to further pique the interest of potential guests:

All the girls serve to please and make you feel like a king. If you have any special desires or fantasies, inform the host or the girls and they will make sure to fulfil them.

All our girls are tested and free of any sexual diseases. There is a strict condom usage policy, and we have an unlimited amount of condoms.

While "Sex Island" clearly isn't the most conventional vacation package, if you're thinking the entire trip will be a drunken and disorderly mess, well, Good Girls Company have even thrown in transport to and from the airport as part of the deal.

Too convenient to turn down? Well, if you want a spot on the trip, you'd better hurry because as of now there are only seven tickets left.

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