Online Store Owner Travels 530 Miles To Punch A Woman Who Left A Bad Review

It goes without saying that no one on the planet likes to be criticised. However, sometimes we are forced ask for constructive criticism so that we can better ourselves, but this is only so we can improve and avoid harsher criticism in the long run.

But we humans are inherently proud beings, and no matter how much we know we’ve underperformed, we still despise it when anyone has anything negative to say about us or our achievements.

But some people are a lot worse at taking criticism onboard than others. And that might be because they’re naturally more sensitive than others or because they’re raging narcissists who delusionally believe that they are flawless human beings.

Luckily, however, most sane people won’t resort to violence because they were offended by a stinging piece of criticism they received. But, as with everything, there are always exceptions to the rule.

And one online shop owner based in east China is one of these rare exceptions.

The man quite literally went to great lengths to ‘punish’ a woman for leaving him a bad review online.

He traveled 530 miles to attack the young woman who was beaten to a concussion and ended up needing hospital treatment as a result.

A surveillance camera captured the moment the man, holding a bag, approached the woman on the street and proceeded to beat her up seemingly for no reason.

Watch the disturbing footage in the video below:


So how did it all begin?

Well, on December 20, 2017, the woman, who has been identified as Xiao Li, ordered clothes from an online store.

Three days after her purchase, she noticed that the order had still not been dispatched and was not pleased with the poor service.

Li, who purchased 300 yuan ($46) worth of clothes, complained to Taobao, an e-commerce site, that her purchase had not yet arrived. She wrote of her very understandable disappointment that the items were four days late.

The seller, identified only as Zhang, was livid at the unfavorable review and very disturbingly threatened to kill Li.

The attack took place on December 27 at a delivery pickup point in Zhengzhou, Henan Province.

The harrowing video footage shows Zhang approach the unsuspecting woman before hitting her in the face and violently pushing her to the ground.

And shockingly, Li and Zhang weren’t the only ones at the scene. The unexpected assault was witnessed by an onlooker who watched as it all unfolded but did not attempt to stop the attack.

Before the attack took place, Zhang had been sending a series of messages to the young woman harassing her purely because she had voiced her dissatisfaction with his services.

But why would something as innocent as rightfully giving an unfavorable review for a bad service be reason enough to violently attack someone?

Well, the short answer is: It isn’t. But that’s not to say that Zhang didn’t have his own twisted motives.

Apparently, the poor review had a very damaging effect on his online store.

According to a spokesperson from Taobao, Li made a purchase from Zhang’s shop during the year-end clearance. And after Li made the complaint, Zhang’s ratings went down 12 points.

Zhang then received a 10-day detention, but after the incident, his online shop account was permanently suspended by Taobao.

On December 23, Li received a sinister message from the vengeful store owner saying “I can destroy you” not long after she made her complaint to Taobao. Li later got an anonymous call from Zhang who was in Suzhou in east China at the time.

As a result of the vicious assault, Li suffered a concussion, fractures in her left elbow and minor injuries to her face and on other parts of her body.

Erlijiang Police from Zhengzhou tracked down Zhang’s address and traveled 534 miles to Suzhou in order to arrest him.

The arrest was made on January 6, after which the police brought him back to Zhengzhou.

What happened to Xiao Li must have been awfully traumatizing. It’s fair to say that most of us would never in our wildest dreams expect such an unjustified attack – especially if we were the ones who had been hard done by.

We hope Li manages to recover from the attack both physically and emotionally.

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