Old Video Of Ivanka Trump Showing Off Her Apartment Is Beyond Cringe

While the 45th President of the United States has bared the brunt of a not inconsiderable amount of ill feeling and resentment since his shock victory in last year’s Presidential election, it is fair to say that some of his children have not escaped unscathed either.

Ivanka Trump found herself in the midst of a media storm after her clothing line was dropped by Nordstrom, prompting Counselor to the President Kellyanne Conway to make the now infamous plea for supporters of the Trump administration to go out and buy Ivanka’s clothing products, in what many felt could be a violation of the rules.

Of course, a certain amount of media scrutiny was inevitable as her father assumed the highest position in the land; the leader of the free world, no less, and so it wasn’t a surprise when photos purporting to show Ivanka throwing some rather admiring glances at the Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau quickly became the stuff of meme legend.

While her father lurches from attempted travel bans to new healthcare proposals with dizzying pace, Ivanka has taken on a role as an unpaid adviser to the President, a decision that will surely only add to the level of scrutiny she will face moving forwards.

The public’s preoccupation with Ms Trump is at an all time high right now, although it is a video of the President’s daughter from several years ago that currently has everyone talking.

The OWN network has just released an old clip of Ivanka Trump showing a television crew around her New York apartment in an astonishing clip during which Ms Trump details a rather long – and decidedly non-essential – list of things that she could not live without; as well as professing her preoccupation with all things simian.

The clip originally aired nearly a decade ago on the Oprah Show back in 2007, and as such sees an Ivanka as yet not encumbered by the constraints of having a President for a father. As such, we get a candid glimpse into her life, including her remarkable list of items that could not live without, including:

Her backgammon table, photo albums, a digital TV recorder, bath robes, jewellery and chapstick.

Personally, I could probably do without all of that but the chapstick; dry lips are just a no go, right? Just me? Good.

The businesswoman also reveals a little about her daily schedule, saying that she reads four newspapers first thing every morning. and that when she comes home from a busy day she tends to get into one of her innumerable and beloved bath robes to while away the evening.

There are some similarities with the Ivanka today, most notably her desire to portray herself as an independent, powerful businesswoman who lives life on her own terms, and to be fair she does a decent job of realising those aims in the video.

The list of things that she “couldn’t live without” though, are far from a great look for the so-called First Daughter, I’m sure there are hundreds of thousands living in poverty who have never, ever thought “If only I had a backgammon table”.

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