OJ Simpson Confesses To Killing Nicole Brown With Her Own Knife, “Hypothetically”

Back in 1995 everyone was talking about OJ Simpson’s murder trial, and of course, when he was declared innocent of killing his ex-wife Nicole Brown and her friend Ron Goldman, most people couldn’t believe what they were hearing.

However, 23 years later, we may finally see a confession that OJ did commit murder. Sadly, it won’t change anything.

While OJ: The Lost Confession is sure to be the subject of much watercooler gossip on Monday, you don’t have to wait until Sunday night at 8 EST to get in the loop. Check out a sneak peek of what to expect in the video below:

The confession was actually made 12 years ago and OJ only “hypothetically” reveals how he would have committed the murders.

The interview and hypothetical confession is part of the Fox special OJ: The Lost Confession, which will air on Sunday. Fox has also lined up a panel of analysts to comment on the interview, including several people involved in the original case such as prosecutor Christopher Darden.

Viewers can expect to see OJ explain how he would have committed the murders.

Allegedly he claims he had become angry with his ex-wife because of her relationship with Faye Resnick, who OJ refers to as a “hooker”, and because of drug use.

He says on the day of the murders he was sent over the edge when he was told that Resnick and Nicole might be going to rehab together. He decided to confront Nicole about her behavior that night, arriving with a friend he refers to as “Charlie”.

That’s when he saw an unfamiliar man, Ron Goldman, at the residence. OJ claims that he and Nicole got into an argument and at one point she fell. At this point, Goldman rushed up to him wielding a knife and threatening to use karate on OJ in a fight.

OJ confessed that he blacked out and when he came to he was covered in blood and immediately left the scene with “Charlie”, leaving his two children alone inside their house with their dead mother on the front steps.

While OJ: The Lost Confession is drawing a lot of media attention, startling information was also revealed about the OJ murders in the ESPN documentary OJ: Made in America, which focuses on a version of events given by OJ’s former agent, Mike Gilbert.

Gilbert claimed that OJ confessed to him over beers and marijuana that he did not plan to kill his ex-wife and that had she not answered the door holding a knife, she would still be alive. However, Gilbert does not believe this and revealed that he is convinced OJ had intentions of murder that day.

Gilbert claims the real reason for the murders was that OJ was upset about the fact that Nicole was spending time with his friend and football protege, Marcus Allen.

“He went there to kill her because of how she made him feel… Rejected… like she didn’t need him. And then, of course, the Marcus thing. He was seeing Marcus was him, but 15 years younger,” Gilbert said in the ESPN interview.

The Juice gives his side of the story on ‘OJ: The Lost Confession?’ The Juice OJ Simpson gives his side of the story on the upcoming Fox show ‘OJ: The Lost Confession?’.

He continued: “And I guess the part that bothers me about it is that he left the kids upstairs to … they could’ve walked out and seen their mom like that. If I died tomorrow I would know without doubt that he did it not even a slight maybe that he didn’t.”

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