North Korea Are Launching Their Own Netflix Called ‘Mangbang’, But It’s Nothing Like Ours

First up, the new streaming service is called Manbang. Great work there, guys. Although it's being hailed as North Korea's answer to Netflix, the country's residents definitely won't be able to access Orange Is The New Black or Stranger Things.


Manbang (did anyone think to run that name through a native English speaker first?!) can be used to, "replay documentary films about the leadership and learn Russian and English languages". It's also offering live streaming access to five TV networks, including North Korea's state broadcaster KCTV.

If you just so happen to speak a little Korean, then the following video should help explain the new service.

Kim Jong Min is an engineer who worked on the project. He said: "If a viewer wants to watch, for instance, an animal movie and sends a request to the equipment, it will show the relevant video to the viewer… this is two-way communications."

Did he just describe the concept of a remote control and try and make it sound high-tech? Well, we already know that North Korea like to... ahem... embellish the truth slightly. You won't believe the 'facts' North Korean children are taught about their leaders.

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