North Korea Are Launching Their Own Netflix Called ‘Mangbang’, But It’s Nothing Like Ours

North Korea is one of the least connected countries in the world. Televisions are set to receive only government stations, radios are illegal, international radio signals are consistently jammed, and even electricity itself is unreliable. It is thought that only 12 per cent of the population has access to a mobile phone.

Only a few thousand high level politicians are allowed access to the global internet, which, in a country of 25 million, is minuscule. If your average North Korean did manage to read content from the rest of the world, they would be sent to a prison camp. The country has its own 'internet', which consists of around 5,000 educational websites.


It's quite surprising, then, to hear about the latest service to come out of the hermit state. They've just announced that they are launching a service very similar to Netflix, but with one massive difference. Head over to the next page to find out what that is.


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