Nine Moms Reveal What It’s Like To Poop During Childbirth

If you're expecting and wondering what else to be prepared for during and after delivery, check out the video below for some great new mom tips and insider info on the whole labor process:

4. I Pretty Much Lost All Modesty

"I told my significant other he was not allowed to look at the baby coming out of my vagina, because I didn’t want him to see sh*t coming out of me. I didn’t pretend there was any other reason. I told him the sole reason he could not see the physical birth of his child was that I was probably going to poop and I was really embarrassed about him seeing that.

"I also heard horror stories about women watching the look on their husbands' faces as they pretended not to be disgusted by the sight of huge, bulging hemorrhoids and nasty vaginal tears. When it came time for the actual delivery, all that went out the window.

"It was such an emotional, beautiful, and incredible time that I didn’t care if he saw me sh*t myself. The whole thing is a freaking miracle, body fluids and all, and he shouldn’t be denied seeing this miracle in action. Turns out I didn’t have a choice anyway, as the delivery doctor asked him to grab one of my legs as I pushed.

"He had a prime viewing spot either way. I don’t even know if I pooped, but I probably did. I think I saw the nurse wiping away some stuff — but it was such a mix of fluids that I don’t know exactly what it was. I lost pretty much all modesty the moment my daughter was born, and I’m 100 percent better for it." —Jenn, 36

5. As If Something Dropped On The Floor While Cooking

"I was in the room with my cousin when she was delivering and unbeknownst to me, I was pregnant too at the time. Everything you could imagine was going on in that delivery room including pooping, and I remember thinking, 'When I have kids, my delivery is going to be so clean, peaceful, and perfect.'

"Then nine months or so passed and I no longer cared about the atmosphere; I wanted that baby out! It’s totally normal to poop during labor and although my epidural wore off, I don’t even think I felt it happen.

"I just remember seeing the nurse scoop it up and throw it away, as if she dropped something on the floor while cooking. Totally nonchalant." —Marcella, 24

6. Remember, Cool Moms Poop

"I was ready for the possibility of pooping because one of my friends once texted another of my friends who was in labor, 'remember, cool moms poop,' and it is a running joke among us. The thing to really know is that the doctor will basically ask you to poop.

"They tell you to 'push like you're pooping.' I don't know how anyone gets out of there without actually doing so. I had an epidural and didn't feel very much, but I still somehow knew it was happening and was powerless to stop it.

"It only happened once during what was a very long delivery. My husband was holding one of my legs at the time, which was unfortunate for him. He definitely noticed but he didn’t say anything until I brought it up a few days later. We laugh about it now." —Jenny, 37

Will 2018 finally be the year we accept that all women poop during labor? Number 7 hopes so...


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