New AI Sex Robot Is Able To Hold A Conversation, Answer Questions And Has A Personality

Some of us liked playing with dolls when we were younger but one company is putting a whole new spin on that. Headquartered in California, Abyss Creations manufacture RealDoll - a life-like silicone mannequin intended for use during sexy time. Yes, they make sex dolls, and they make them in different shapes and sizes.

The current range of RealDolls features a choice of 18 female body types and two male figures. The dolls are made to be malleable, with flexible skeletons that can be bent in various positions and hinged jaws that open or close to customers' requirements. Prices start at $6,500 (£5,251) and can go up to $12,000 (£9,693), depending on the addition of custom features.

In the next phase of their product development, the folks behind RealDoll are not working on a doll that can actually respond to its user. This new doll is expected to be "intelligent", including up to 12 personality types, and has been fitted with the ability to communicate and portray enjoyment.


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