Navy Releases Solid Evidence Of UFO Captured On Video

The Chilean Navy have released a nine-minute video of an Unidentified Flying Object to the public, in an unprecedented move by government officials, who prefer to keep UFO sightings under wraps instead of spreading panic and encouraging fanatics.  The footage was captured on November 11th, 2014, by a Chilean Naval helicopter, and for the last two years, the CEFAA (the Chilean government stooges in charge of investigating UFOs) have looked at the video in extreme detail, but are stumped by what they’ve seen. General Ricardo Bermúdez, director of the CEFAA during the investigation, offered the only explanation that Chile can come up with presently: “We do not know what it was, but we do know what it was not.” So, super helpful then.

The government has decided to make the video public, in the hope that you or I will be able to tell them what’s going on. Can you work out what these experienced military officers captured on camera, and do what the Chilean government could not? If you fancy yourself as an expert of the paranormal or the unidentifiable, then turn to the next page to have a look at this creepy footage.

Chilean government officials have no idea what this strange objected they discovered in the sky is, and as a result, they’ve turned it over to the public, in case we have a better idea.

Creepy, right? The official story from the two officers who discovered that weird flying thing is that they both saw it with the naked eye, travelling W/NW about 40 miles away from them at a similar altitude. The aircraft tried to communicate with the UFO with the multi-band civilian radio frequency designed for this purpose, but received no response. When they reported it to two radar stations in Chile, however, they were told that no civilian or military traffic had been reported, and that in any case, nobody was authorised to fly over the co-ordinates described. Of course, the radar stations hadn’t detected anything to corroborate with the helicopter’s findings.

Surely, this is just a trick of the light or something, right? Air force photo analysts disagree, saying that it was not affected by the winds, reflected light, and “threw out some kind of energy”. There was also no “alteration of the video by any computer application in the editing and processing of the images”, which is a fancy way of saying that the UFO wasn’t edited in, either.

General Bermúdez retired back in December, and has since handed over jurisdiction on this case to Jose Lay in the hope that we can work out exactly what we’ve just seen in that video. Can you?

This video will only stoke the fires of the alien conspiracy theory, which now has some compelling evidence to go along with the more ambiguous footage out there. One of the biggest American alien conspiracies is Area 51, and one retired worker spilled the beans on the legendary military base after a night of drinking.

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