Nudists In Australia Play Miniature Golf In An Attempt To Break World Record

Golf is often viewed as a sport for those in their retirement phase, which is predominantly a result of the strict dress code that those who play the sport have to adhere to. However, it would now appear that the iconic Argyle design, has been fooling us all this entire time, after 47 men and women turned out in Sydney to take part in a game of mini golf, clad in nothing but their birthday suits.

The daring stunt, which certainly took balls, was performed by the Young Nudists of Australia group in a bid to prove that not all naturists are old and grey. They now believe that their project may have broken a world record, for the most naked people playing sport at one time.

The participants consisted of 47 members of the group, aged 18 to 40, who worked their way around the 36-par course. Of these 47 in attendance, 70% were male and 30% female. Together they broke the previous record of people playing sport naked, which stood at 30.

The daring event was carried out to break the stereotype that all nudists are old and grey, something that organizer, 32-year-old Matt, hopes they achieved. Explaining the thought process behind the peculiar event, he said:

“I think the older, beach style events are tacky and worn, but my generation responds to social media driven, gimmicky events like this. The atmosphere was very jovial, there was lots of cheering and psych-out’s. The course was pretty magnificent too.”

Explaining his passion of being nude, Matt, a media worker from Sydney, said:

“I was always drawn to the sense of freedom, it’s very liberating. You learn to embrace yourself and be more comfortable in your body.

Some people who get involved have body image issues, and it’s a great way to overcome that. That’s certainly something I have gotten out of it – but it’s also a great way to meet new people.”

Cameras and staring were strictly forbidden at the event, while towels were compulsory for hygiene reasons to ensure that the premises were prepared for future customers who would prefer to keep their clothes on.

Matt believes that Australia still has a long way to go in de-stigmatizing nudity. “They call Australia the laid back country, but we can actually be quite prudish. I’m not sure nudism will ever be mainstream here,” he said.

Matt is also keen to make it clear that not all nudists are stunning and fully confident with their bodies.

“I’m healthy, but not overly skinny, but if anybody thinks only physically stunning people try naturism, one visit to a nude beach or resort and they will see that isn’t true.

Once I realized that myself, it makes you feel so much better about yourself. Nobody is judging you, nobody is critiquing you and that just makes you feel so accepted. That feeling of acceptance is why I love it.”

“Nudity is the great equalizer in society. If you’re chatting to someone, you have no idea if they’re a Fortune 500 CEO, a schoolteacher, politician, bus driver, cleaner or whatever. Everyone is the same — no judgment, no comparison, nothing. It’s impossible not to be relaxed after a while.”

The success of the mini golf event has prompted Matt to commence with other ventures. “We have plans for other events including naked tenpin bowling,” he said, “We may also look for a bar or pub in Sydney to run a naked pub night complete with live music. Other ideas include roller skating, themed parties.”

So, if you fancy getting in touch with your natural self, then there are plenty more events coming up.

However, if you would prefer to keep your kit on, then we can’t blame you. We think we will just stay naked in the comfort of our own homes.

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