Movie Theatre Employees Reveal The Strangest Things To Happen On The Job

Going to the movies tends to be a fairly relaxing experience. For two hours or more you’ll be sat down, with nothing to do but drink, eat, and enjoy the film. But behind the scenes, the theatre employees are putting up with all sorts of tedious things to ensure you have a pleasant experience. While you may not notice them enough to remember what screen they told you to go to, they have to put up with the worst consumers humanity has to offer.

Any customer-facing job is going to have its fair share of rude patrons and frustrating mishaps, but there’s something about the movie theatre that brings out the strangest behaviour in people. The combination of relaxation, entertainment, and the public setting seems to lead some people to believe they can do whatever they want.

We talked to real movie theatre employees to find out the most bizarre things they have encountered on the job, and boy, did they deliver.

1. Strange orders

“People ordering nacho cheese dip with their salty popcorn.”

2. Customers sleeping after the film

“Cinema tickets are really expensive, especially 3D and IMAX screens, but sometimes at the end of the night when we start to close, we find people asleep at the end of a film. It’s really awkward having to wake up both you and your partner an hour after your screen came out.”

3. Irresponsible parents

“The bane of my existence – bringing in babies and really young toddlers to films. I often wonder if the speakers damage an infant’s hearing. If that’s not bad enough, to top it all off, it’s when these new parents bring in their babies to watch an 18. I’m sorry, I’m not going to let you and your toddler in to see Deadpool.”

4. Finding discarded clothes

“We keep a lost and found for watches, jackets, jumpers etc. And when particularly sexy films come out we find underwear which we throw away. But we have found boxers covered in sh*t, and left in the toilet. Why do people think this is okay?”

5. Bathroom atrocities

“Speaking of sh*t, we often find sh*t smeared on the walls and around the toilet. But the worst was when we found sh*t in a urinal. The effort that person must have gone through to do that.”

6. Wrong tickets

“Fair enough sometimes you missed your film or booked for the wrong time, you may even bring in gift cards for different chains, but we don’t understand the people who have booked for an entirely different cinema and then kick up a fuss because we’re not letting them in.”

7. Finding used condoms

“Particularly after 50 shades. We all saw news articles and never though it’d happen to us, but we found condoms, and women’s underwear left under the seats.”

8. Starting fights during films

“We get that people are annoying AF, they talk during films, chew too loud, put their feet up on to yours, and the real inconsiderate assholes will use their phones, but sometimes this leads to actual fist fights, people being thrown out and a whole bunch of refunds for the inconvenience/disturbance.”

9. Finding people in compromising positions

“Some people love the thrill of having sex in public, but the amount of times people have come out looking disturbed asking for us to check out what’s happening behind them. We have recently alone caught a girl masturbating and a guy going down on his girlfriend.”

It’s might be pretty hard to forget about these strange and grotesque encounters next time you visit your local movie theatre. I suppose we’ll all have to live in a little bit of denial, and assume that stories like this don’t happen in the theatres we go to.

Maybe it’s best to distract yourself with some other startling movie-based revelations, so why not have a look at this list and find out theĀ myths you learned from the movies that just aren’t true.

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