Mother Cries On Live TV After Failing To Recognize Her Son After Plastic Surgery

We live in a world where people are obsessed with perfecting their physical appearances and eradicating their blemishes. In fact, far too many of us live our lives trying to appease other people by attempting to meet society’s standards of beauty.

And it’s is an unfortunate fact, but our looks definitely determine how we are perceived by the people around us.

This was definitely the case for 22-year-old Noppajit Monlin, who was suffering greatly due to his twisted jaw. Not only did his facial deformity make eating difficult, but it made him incredibly self-conscious about his overall physical appearance.

His face was covered in blemishes and spots that he deemed to be severe imperfections, and he always dreamed of living a life where he didn’t have to worry about what people thought of his appearance.

Monlin works in a factory in Thailand, and, unfortunately, his disfigurement alienated a lot of his coworkers who did not even attempt to interact with him. But now he has gone under the knife, he’s transformed his appearance beyond recognition.

In fact, he looked so different after the procedure that his own mother didn’t even recognize him, prompting her to break down into tears when she first saw him. She wasn’t prepared for such a dramatic transformation and said she missed his natural face.

Monlin decided to go on a popular television show called Let Me In Thailand, which is based solely on extreme plastic surgery procedures and documents how they completely transform the lives of the people who undergo them.

The procedure ultimately ended up fixing his jaw into place. In addition to this, he had work done on his forehead and eyelids.

The 22-year-old also received botox injections in his salivary glands to put a stop to his excessive drooling and extensive skin treatments to clear up his facial blemishes. But prior to having the surgery, he’d already found love with a transgender woman…

When Monlin’s mother saw him for the first time since he had the procedure, she said, “I really miss him, and I’m not acting.”

Watch his mom’s reaction here:

Monlin said to his sobbing mother, “Mom, do you remember me? Look at me,” to which she replied, “Is it you? Is it really you?”

The surgery was a major boost to his self-esteem and overall confidence and has totally changed other people’s perception of him.

“People say I’m a different person. I feel much better. Before people said my face was not normal, and society didn’t accept me, now I have more friends.”

But things were already good in the love department – he met a 26-year-old transgender woman on social media three years ago, and their relationship has been blossoming ever since. Her name is Tob, and she too was overwhelmed by his transformation.

“I’m protective of him, but I’m not scared of him leaving me,” Tob admitted. “We’ve trusted each other since the beginning.”

The couple who met on social media swapped phone numbers a mere five minutes into starting a conversation with each other. And even more astoundingly, just three weeks after they began talking, they moved in together.

“She took care of me. Even though she’s not a woman, she’s just like one,” Monlin explained. “This woman is the best for me. Although I have a new life now, my heart is the same.”

Of course, no one should feel like changing their appearance through plastic surgery is their only option, but you can definitely see how it can do wonders in terms of boosting a person’s confidence.

Sometimes the decision to undergo plastic surgery isn’t as cut and dry as wanting to improve your physical appearance. There are some people who go a step further and base their ideal image of themselves on a beloved cultural icon.

Meet Herbert Chavez, a man who, with the help of various cosmetic surgeries, has transformed himself into a real-life Superman.

We hope Monlin continues to revel in his new-found confidence and that his relationship with Tob continues to blossom.

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