Most Awkward Royal, Peasant and Celebrity Wedding Photos Ever

No matter who you are in the world, a couple’s wedding is supposed to be a time for celebration; the happiest day of their lives.  However, considering this is a day where the first bottle of bubbly is opened before midday, and everybody you’ve invited is either extremely nervous, horny or green with envy, things will never go as rehearsed.


The Happiest Day Of You Life?

You see, it doesn’t matter if you’re rich or poor, alcohol is the great equaliser. Once the vowels have been read and rings exchanged, the party starts and everybody’s true feelings are revealed. Jealous friends start bitching, the groomsmen and bridesmaids can’t keep their hands off each other, and the in-laws end up in a brawl over who’s paying for the honeymoon.

NEXT: So, let’s raise a glass for the fights, drunken antics and x-rated groping!


This Is Exactly How Wedding Lingerie Should Be

Despite being a time honoured tradition, the ranges of bridal lingerie have become far much more risqué over the years. Now I can see what the groom really meant when he said, “I do”. (Also, I wonder if Kate Middleton was wearing something similar?)


 Even Harry Couldn’t Resist

After the ceremony, this picture was leaked showing Prince William’s younger brother, Prince Harry, seemingly unable to keep his hands off Pippa’s ass. Could this be the makings of the second royal wedding for the younger siblings?


Get A Room, Your Majesty!

Moments after the newly married future king and queen of Britain took to the balcony of Buckingham Palace to wave to the adoring crowds, Kate Middleton was left a little red-faced after this snap caught her in a very awkward position.


Make Sure Your Guests Behave

With all that champagne flowing, your invitees can get a little unruly, so make sure you keep a close eye on their antics, otherwise they could be ruining all your photos.


 Classy vs Trashy

Some wedding dresses are designed for grace, decorum and beauty, others are created for showing off all kids of skin and easy access. What kind of girl would you want to marry?

Don’t worry, there’s plenty more revealing wedding dresses ahead…


Make Sure You Make It To The Bedroom

Don’t get carried away! I know your wedding day is all about love and you’re gearing yourself up for the big night, but these aren’t the sorts of photos you want to show your kids. You booked the bridal suite, now go and use it.


Who Wants Some… Cake?

These guest are certainly getting an eyeful. Unsurprisingly, there was a long line of male guests just waiting to get a slice of cake.

Think that’s revealig? This bride went one step further…


Would You Expect Kate To Be Wearing A Dress Like This?

Despite the fact I wouldn’t mind marrying this chick, I don’t think I’d be too happy about the guests getting an eyeful…

What’s better than a dress like that? Well, wearing no dress at all…


A Nudist Wedding! 

All you need is a conveniently positioned bouquets and you’re ready to walk down the aisle. I do find it amusing how the guy on the left still bothered to wear a bow tie.


Proud Father?

Here we can see the father of the bride taking his daughter’s arm and walking her down the aisle. Something tells me this won’t be the first time a man has made an honest woman out of her.

NEXT: And here’s Princess Beatrice “spilling out” of her dress…


Royal Eyeful

It doesn’t matter how you were brought up, or even if you’re literally a princess, if you wear a risqué dress like this, then you’re going to end up showing off far more than you’d have hoped. Then again, maybe she was just trying to upstage the future queen?

NEXT: Now check out Lady Gaga doing exactly the same thing…


Going Absolutely Gaga

Here’s one way to drive the guys and girls gaga. Here, the songstress clearly doesn’t care who’s looking, she proud of what she’s got and she’s going to show it off.


Remove The Veil

I thought the veil was only supposed to cover the bride’s face? Then again, when you’re wearing so little underneath, no wonder it reached all the way down to her feet.


Here Comes The Bride…

I bet every dance was a slow dance for this bride, because any quick movements and her sizeable rack will be unleashed. I hear several best men kept “accidentally” bumping into her.


 Taking A Tumble

Remember ladies, your wedding dress will probably be the most expensive outfit you ever buy, so make sure you keep both feet firmly on the ground. Oh, and make sure the photographer doesn’t get that upskirt shot.


Make Sure You Trust The Caterers

Nobody wants their expensive gowns ruined by an upset stomach. Remember that scene in Bridesmaids? So stay away from the fish.


Fire The Designer

Unless your goal is to show the most side-boob as possible – and in this case, I think that’s exactly what’s going on – you may want to have some adjustments. Then again, just wearing two belts really does decrease the cost of the dress.

Oh, and here are some people you definitely want to leave off the guest list…


Exuberant Ed

The master of the photobomb, this guy doesn’t care what he looks like in a Speedo. It’s all about the end result.


Grossed-out Grace

Grace loves weddings. At six years old, she’s already planning her own. But she certainly won’t be doing THAT.


Tortured Tabitha

Too young to enjoy the magic of the day, church bells, cheering and rounds of applause are all way too loud for this little angel.


Creeping Craig

Craig is that friend who you weren’t sure whether to invite because he always does something weird. Craig never disappoints.


Crazy Chris

Chris loves a craze. And whether it’s the ice bucket challenge, neknominations or planking, he’ll be doing it on your wedding day.


Clumsy Clive

In spite of his clumsiness, Clive somehow still has a large circe of friends. All of whom hate him.


Blaśe Blake

There’s a lot of things Blake doesn’t worry about. They include recycling, locking his doors at night and children’s safety.


Inconsiderate Ian

He sprawls on his back in doorways, claws at the furniture and gets his ass out in photos. Inconsiderate Ian is your drunk guest.


Disastrous Dan

From the time he knocked over his fifth grade science project to the time he accidentally wheeled his grandmother off a cliff, Dan has had a tough life.


Morbid Malcolm

Wherever there is joy and happiness, Malcolm can be found reminding everyone of the impending doom and finality of death.


Where’s Wally?

A master of the stealth photobomb, Wally will feature in at least one of your wedding photos. You just have to find him…


Shameless Shane

Sure he’s put on a bit of weight recently but that’s no reason not to strut his stuff on the jetty.


Unfortunate Ursula

How she always manages to fall over remains a mystery even unto herself. All she can be certain of is that that hurt.

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