Obese Couple Lose 575 lbs So They Can Finally Have Sex For The First Time

Obesity in the United States is an epidemic. A study in The Journal of the American Medical Association revealed that 32.2% of Amerian men and 35.5% of women are obese. What’s more is that Dr. Craig Hales, an expert on the subject, said there are no “signs of it slowing down.”

But one couple from Missouri decided to go on a mission to lose weight so that they could have sex for the first time.

Sometimes romance blossoms in unlikely places, and that was the case for Lee Sutton and Rena Kiser who met at a weight loss clinic 11 years ago. However, attendees at the clinic were forbidden from forming relationships and the two were subsequently thrown out.

With no guidance, the two bonded over their love of food and their weight began to spiral dangerously out of control.

Things eventually got so bad for the obese pair that they struggled to even leave the house to buy food. But their addiction was great enough to force them to drive to their nearest store and purchase a large amount of food which they said would only last them a day or two.

In the video below, filmed before their dramatic weight loss, they explain how difficult it is for them to go shopping because of the unwanted stares they receive from other people:

Things had not only gotten worse not only with their eating habits but in their personal lives too.

Clearly unhappy with their obese bodies, the pair would argue with each other, causing Lee to resort to violence. They eventually found themselves in therapy for domestic abuse, and Lee promised that he would not hurt Rena again.

The couples’ second attempt at losing weight was much more successful. They appeared on the TV show My 600lb Life, determined to make a change before their unsustainable lifestyle eventually claimed their lives.

At the beginning of the show, Lee is bedbound and Rena, who is poor physical shape herself, has to give him around the clock care.

Thanks to the help of doctors on the show, the couple were able to make an amazing transformation. Lee dropped from a staggering 714lbs to 406lbs and Rena went from 546lbs to 280lbs.

As a result of this dramatic weight loss, the couple were finally able to have sex.

“We never had intercourse before but we can now!” an excited Lee revealed.

Unfortunately, there are currently no explicit photographs of their transformation, however, the couple has created a Facebook page for their self-described “fans” and the picture above is one of the many pictures of themselves that they have posted.

Lee and Rena’s episode of My 600lb Life aired on TLC yesterday, so these pictures are likely to emerge over the coming days.

The Metro reported that Lee is planning to propose once they have lost more weight.

While it’s all well and good losing weight to have sex, what’s even more impressive is the fact that Paul Mason, who was once declared the “World’s Fattest Man” when he weight almost 1,000lbs, managed to lose almost all of his excess weight.

At the height of Paul’s addiction to food, he consumed 20,000 calories a day – nearly ten times the daily recommended amount for a man.

Paul had tried and failed to lose weight before, and prior to losing over 600lbs, he tried to take his own life. However, in 2010, he had gastric bypass surgery that ended up saving his life. He had spent 10 years on a waiting list for the operation, gaining more weight.

After the operation was complete, Paul was faced with a new problem – excess skin.

Desperate, Paul released a number of photographs of his excess skin in the hope of being offered the surgery, which is estimated to cost more than $81,000, and lose more than 112lbs of excess weight which was stopping him from living a normal life.

“I wanted people to see the issues that can happen to your body, to your skin, when you put an extreme amount of weight on,” Paul said. “A lot of people think that’s just going to shrink back, but it doesn’t.”

Thankfully, however, a plastic surgeon New York granted Paul’s request and performed the surgery for free. Once the procedure was over, he weighed a healthier 350lbs.

We wish Lee, Rena, and Paul all the best in their continued weight loss journeys.

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