Monstrous-Sized Chicken Looks Like It Could Crush Humans For Fun

Throughout the years, humanity has harboured a faint fear of birds. Films like Alfred Hitchcox's The Birds (and the less well-known Birdemic) play upon the innate anxiety surrounding our feathered friends, and the aggressive nature of eagles, owls or ostriches demonstrate that a lack of bone density won't prevent the larger species of bird from laying waste to humanity, should they get the chance.

One species of bird that I don't fear however, is the chicken. Standing at around a foot tall, chickens don't have the sharp beaks or deadly talons of the falcon or the vulture and they're not very good flyers either. The only way I would envision meeting my demise at the hands of a chicken is over several decades, when they've been killed, deep-fried and eaten. But then again, I've never met a chicken this big. Footage has emerged of a massive chicken patrolling its coop, and it really has to be seen to be believed.


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