Mom-Of-Six Struggles To Raise Her Children In House, But Then It Is Transformed…

Has your life ever been turned completely upside-down? Well, for Estelle Barnes-Summers, that's exactly what happened. It was a nightmare that seemed to be never-ending. Before Estelle's absolutely heart-breaking story truly began, she had a beautiful and very happy family with her husband, Elijah Summers. They had six wonderful children, and for the first time, had purchased a new home in Detroit, in Michigan.

The house had been falling apart, but with Elijah's incredible handyman skills, they decided that they would do up the house, so it could become their perfect family home. But suddenly, everything changed... and it wasn't for the better.

1. The Heart-Breaking Tragedy

The news hit hard, when Estelle was told that her husband Elijah had been shot. But that wasn't the only news. Her husband hadn't survived the shooting - Elijah was dead. Her six children were now fatherless. The entire family were absolutely heartbroken, their Dad was never coming home.

NEXT: To make matters worse, Elijah hadn't finished the house before he died...


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