Mom Gives Birth, But Six Weeks Later Her Stomach Is Still Growing…

When Australian natives Eliza and Ben began to date, they’d no idea that the next two years would be the most tumultuous of their lives. Just three months after meeting, Eliza fell pregnant. An unexpected pregnancy can rip apart even the strongest of couples, but, despite being together for such a short period of time, the couple were excited to welcome their first child into the world…

Eliza and Ben were overjoyed when baby Charlie was born. Throughout Eliza’s pregnancy, the two had fallen more deeply in love, proving anyone who doubted the strength of their relationship wrong. They were one of the happiest families around. But fate wasn’t done with them quite yet, and Eliza’s stomach continued to grow in the weeks following her pregnancy…

1. Over The Moon

Eliza, 27, and Ben, 38, were over the moon when they found out Eliza was pregnant with their first child, believing that they could conquer anything together. It was love at first sight, and they knew that they were ready for parenthood, having expressed a desire to have children together – even if it happened sooner than they’d planned. But they never expected this to happen next…

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After nine months of excited preparation – buying as many Walmart toys, Littleme clothes and Pampers diapers as they could get their hands on – the couple welcomed their daughter Charlie into the world in January 2016.

2. Charlie

After just a year together Eliza, originally from Northern Beaches, Australia, and her partner Ben had become first-time parents together. “I still can’t believe it,” Eliza said. “We fell pregnant with our first, Charlie, three months after we started dating! Ben had always been super keen to become a father so we were over the moon at the thought of creating our own little family.”

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The pair were just getting to grips with looking after their baby girl when Eliza got a massive shock.

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3. Something Isn’t Right

It’s only natural for new mothers to feel completely and utterly exhausted after the birth of their child. In fact, many moms describe the weeks after labor as the most taxing time of their entire lives. But Eliza felt like her fatigue was something different, she felt sure that there was something else going on.

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One day everything came to a head when Eliza awoke with a terrible headache that no amount of Nurofen Plus could cure. The pain was completely awful, yet not unfamiliar…

4. Was Eliza Pregnant?

There was no question about it, the first-time mother thought, I’m pregnant again. Turning to Ben to share her theory, the 27-year-old found it tough to persuade her boyfriend of what she was feeling. Her partner of just over a year attempted to calm her worries and told her that her earsplitting headache was most likely due to sleep deprivation. Was Ben right? Or was Eliza’s suffering actually another baby on the way?

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Continuing to experience symptoms she believed were due to pregnancy, the young mom struggled to convince anyone around her.

5. Eliza Couldn’t Be Pregnant Again… Could She?

Eliza said,“My mum always said it takes six full weeks to come up for air! I was exhausted trying to figure out the ins and outs of being a mum, but about a month after having Charlie though I felt really, super exhausted. Everyone told me it was sleep deprivation catching up with me but I was not convinced — I remember looking at Ben and saying ‘I think I’m pregnant’. He just laughed.”

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After days of trying to convince Ben of the way she was feeling, Eliza decided to prove him wrong and headed out to buy a Clearblue pregnancy test. Was the young father about to get a massive ‘I told you so’?

6. I Know My Body

Traveling to Walgreens with Ben to buy a pregnancy test, Eliza felt nervous. She had always wanted a big family, but she had only just had a baby six weeks ago, was she and Ben seriously ready for another addition to the family?

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The test was negative. But if Eliza’s unusual feelings weren’t pregnancy then what were they? Eliza was so sure of herself that she refused to accept the initial result of the Clearblue pregnancy test.

7. Positive Or Negative?

Although many pregnancy tests boast of 99% certainty, research has shown that they may not always be accurate. While a positive pregnancy test result is rarely wrong, a negative outcome is less reliable and could mean that the woman took the test too early or didn’t follow the instructions properly. Would the result change when she tried a second test?

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Tensions were extremely high with the second Clearblue pregnancy test. Did Eliza know her body better than science did? It was time to find out…

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8. Pregnant Again?

This time the result came back positive. After only a year together, a beyond shocked Eliza and Ben were already expecting their second child. However, they were certain that they couldn’t possibly be pregnant again because of one thing in particular…

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They were convinced that Eliza couldn’t be pregnant because they had heard that a woman couldn’t get pregnant while breast feeding. Was this true? If so, why was her stomach getting bigger?

9. A Trip To The Doctors

After taking two further pregnancy tests to confirm the startling news, Eliza and Ben decided to head to the doctors in what she describes as the most “nervous moment of her whole life”. The doctor assured them that they would be able to find out exactly what was going. But there was an even bigger shock on the way for the couple, one that would turn their whole world upside down…

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It soon emerged that their reliance on an old wives tale was to blame. After Charlie was born, Eliza and Ben had relied on the mistaken belief that you can’t get pregnant again if you’re breast feeding. Clearly they were wrong…

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10. A Common Mistake

Ben and Eliza had known each other for less than a year, and they were already pregnant for the second time. But before they had a moment to take in all this news, the doctors revealed yet another shocking bombshell that would further change their lives…

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Eliza and Ben practically fell off their seats when the medical technician said these words, “Look it’s early days… but… I think there’s two.”

11. It’s Twins!

Although it was early days, the medical technician turned out to be absolutely 100% right. Not only were Eliza and Ben going to be parents again only six weeks after the birth of Charlie, they were going to have identical twin boys.

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As with any young parents who have just found out they will soon have three children under the age of one, the couple were completely terrified, yet excited, by what the doctor told them.

12. Unbelievable

“I still can’t believe it,” Eliza said. “Ben had always been super keen to become a father so we were over the moon at the thought of creating our own little family. I say little as Ben’s idea of a family included two children — very nuclear indeed. I, on the other hand have always been set on having as many children as I can — nothing excites me more than the thought of walking through our local streets of Mona Vale with my own little clan. Needless to say the decision was taken out of his hands — I win.”

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While both Eliza and Ben had fraternal twins in their families, neither had identical — until now – so it was quite the shock. Turns out they would have to buy three times as many Walmart toys, littleme clothes and Pampers diapers.

13. Ben’s Shock

So how did Ben fare upon hearing the news, given that he never intended to have a large family? According to Eliza’s interview in the Daily Mail, “Ben’s face just went white.” From the 38-year-old’s reaction we can assert that he certainly wasn’t expecting three children within one year.

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It took the new couple a while to come to terms with the news that they’d soon after three children under the age of one. Eliza states that she navigated her way through a mixture of coping techniques saying, “Emotionally it took me about two months and somewhere around 2000 Google ‘twin pregnant stomach’ images to come to terms with the news.”

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14. Coming To Terms

The young mom, who already had a baby of just a few months old to contend with, even went into denial at one point. She admitted, “I just didn’t think about it too much — as that made me nervous thinking about the ‘how’. I remember looking up ‘three under one’ on Google and getting no results and thinking — s***. So I just lived in a pleasant denial until I was too large to pretend anymore — and man was I large.”

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When her pregnant belly began to emerge Eliza knew she could no longer deny the news and had to prepare for the two new arrivals. The first step was telling her family.

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15. “His Face Turned To Horror”

She describes the hilarious moment she told her father she was pregnant again, “I was really excited to tell them I knew they were going be way more shocked than I was. When we went to dad and told him we had exciting news he thought we were going to get married. Then when we said we were going for round two, with twins his face turned to horror.”

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Eliza’s second pregnancy soon passed in a wild blur of diapers and doctors check-ups. At 35 weeks she weighed an incredible 77 pounds more than pre-pregnancy and was unable to walk without stopping to rest. Needless to say, she was more than ready to give birth to her two boys.

16. Jack And Wolf

On Christmas Eve of December 2016 – less than a year after the birth of Charlie – the young mom gave birth to two adorable baby boys named Jack and Wolf who were perfectly healthy and over the 3kg mark. It had been a truly amazing year for the happy couple!

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The couple’s lives would never be the same now they’d welcomed three babies into the family. So what changes need to be made when you have three new little people to take care of?

The twins already taking to their Huggies Diapers

17. Ch-ch-changes

The couple found there were so many of them now that they could no longer fit in their car. So straight away, it was out with the old car and in with the Volkswagen family wagon – a vehicle big enough to cart them all around. Luckily they were able to adapt their existing pram accordingly, although 10-month old Charlie could no longer fit in it.

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You would think that the couple would be struggling after having only dated for three months before having kids.

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18. We Make A Good Team

But you would be wrong! Eliza has stated her relationship with Ben has gone from strength to strength, although she jokes that she has only known him for two years and “he has never known me not pregnant – at least I am not as emotional now.” Despite this she insists, “We are a pretty good team so our relationship has been surprisingly fine with all these changes.”

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Eliza has stated that having three children under one has made it feel like she has triplets! So how has adorable Charlie reacted to having two little brothers to play with?

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19. Cheeky Monkey Charlie

The new mom admits that the children have been a handful joking, “I do feel like I have triplets — Irish triplets I believe they call them. So far Charlie thinks they are pretty fab. Her hobbies include head butting them in an attempt to ‘give them a kiss’ — trying to poke their eyes out, sticking her grubby little fingers in their mouths and just generally trying to attack them anytime I turn my head.”

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Eliza’s body has been through the mill with the two pregnancies – as well as her bank account.

Babies wearing Pampers diapers

20. Juggling The Work

She has been forced to juggle breast feeding with changing diapers – and it’s not easy work. “I express at the moment — as the whole twin breastfeeding thing is impossible with a one-year-old crawling on you,” Eliza said. “I express up to eight times a day and the twins feed approximately six times a day and have 150ml a feed.” Now, with a one-year-old and two eight-week-olds, the family goes through about 20 diapers a day — that’s a shocking 140 a week!

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The young mom deals with all of the extra work with impressive stamina and has turned to the internet to share her experiences…

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21. Twingenuity

In all her spare time, Eliza has written a blog about her experiences called Twingenuity, in which she recalls funny incidents that every mother will recognize. They include being so tired she washed her hair with face wash, pumped without attaching the bottles and picked up the kids from day care — but left one behind, which her partner had to go back for.

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Eliza writes on her Twingenuity blog, “No I don’t know what day it is. No I don’t know which of my identical twins I just fed. No I probably couldn’t spell my name right now. But I am here, and I am functioning. Just.”

22. “I Am Functioning. Just.”

The young mom is a inspiration for all young mothers who are struggling to deal with the daily scrambles of looking after babies. Despite all of the extra work, Eliza and Ben don’t regret a thing and are beyond happy with their new family. And it’s no wonder, look how beautiful their children are.

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A dream come true, Lisa Hansen finally discovered she was having twins. But after a number of ultrasounds, something didn’t seem quite right. In fact, there was something not only exceptionally rare, but very concerning about Lisa’s pregnancy.

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