Mom Admires Dog At A Cafe, Later Finds Out It’s A Purse

Anyone with even remote vision problems knows what it’s like to think you’re looking at one thing… before embarrassingly realising it is something entirely different. I have personally mis-recognized many people in my life, waving to some stranger like a dumb*ss until I’m three feet away from them and realise they are, in fact, not my friend Alex.

Because I’ve been on the struggle bus when it comes to vision issues, I typically try to sympathise with people who make these same mistakes … except for now. No, now is different… because this case utterly hilarious.

Let’s start from the beginning. Hannah Murphy, a comedian and writer who lives in California, flew home to Yonkers, New York, for the weekend to visit her parents. While visiting, she and her mother, Jenny, decided to take a bike ride and get some food at a local cafe called La Lanterna.

After ordering some wine, Hannah went to the restroom, and when she returned she noticed her mother gazing in the direction of another table, with a look of adoration in her eye. With her glass of sauvignon blanc in hand, Jenny had been spending minutes admiring what she thought was a dog, a miniature dachshund to be specific.

But little did she know that she had just spent that whole time looking lovingly toward a lifeless, brown leather purse.

“She kept pointing to it and I couldn’t see it (because it was a purse), and I had to get up next to her and try to get her vantage point,” Hannah told BuzzFeed, “She was getting so mad at me, like, ‘It’s right there! Right in front of your face!'”

To be fair, this does kind of look like a little dachshund just chilling underneath that table.

Jenny explained her train of thought to Buzzfeed.

“Well, I was thinking there was such a cute miniature dachshund at the next table, and I pointed it out to Hannah (and my husband also with us). They both kept asking me, ‘Where?’ and I tried to be subtle so as not to point rudely at the other diners. At one point Hannah actually got up and paced back and forth trying to follow my finger and then I started to doubt my perception … and got closer to see it was the lady’s bag.”

As the year is 2017 and golden moments like this need not go unseen anymore, Hannah tweeted the story and and picture of the “dog”. She posted it along with the caption, “my mother was giggling at this and told me to ‘take a look at that adorable dachshund, he’s sleeping’, she was looking at a purse”. The tweet got over 126,000 likes and received a surprising amount of comments from people who said the exact same thing had happened to them.

Though much of the internet is semi-laughing at her right now, Jenny doesn’t care and thinks the whole situation is hilarious (which she should). She has decided to “own the ditzy mom thing”, saying that “at some point you gotta hang up your ‘cool’ and be who you are”. Jenny is honestly starting to sound like the coolest mom ever, and I hope to see more from her on Twitter in the future. I also hope she renews her eye contact prescription.

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