Man Throwing Out The Trash Suddenly Realizes His Life Is In Danger

Nobody really knows how the world will end, but there is mass speculation that it will end in a blaze of fire as the sky implodes. If this is true, then we're all doomed.

But for now, there is only one man on this planet who can really claim to have seen a glimpse of what the world's end could look like. The man, who has remained anonymous, came horrifyingly close to meeting a gruesome fate after he simply stepped outside the comfort of his own home to take the trash out.

Luckily (for us), the shocking footage was caught on a security camera, helping to prove that it actually happened. As without the surveillance footage, this really is hard to believe...

We set the scene in the small town of Vitebsk in Belarus on a mild September evening. Our leading man can be seen casually walking down the street outside his home, like he would on any usual day. Oblivious to the perils that lie ahead of him, the man saunters on with his hand in his pocket.

But, his daydream is interrupted by a loud noise overhead. Curious, he instantly looks to the sky for answers, but as he does so, he sees something that would chill most people to the core...

Horrified by what he has seen, the young man picks up the pace to get out of the area as soon as possible. With seemingly superhuman speed even The Flash would be envious of, he manages to engage his body to respond to his dumbfounded brain as he sprints from the scene.

With no time to delay he throws himself into action. It was this quick response that ultimately saved his life as he dashes to safety, seconds away from disaster...


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