Millennial Destroyed Her Uncle In A Facebook Argument About Her Generation Wanting ‘Freebies’

The millennial generation are often met with a derisive snort from their older counterparts, who perceive that millennials “have it easy” that life is easier now than it was back in what they might refer to as ‘their day’.

Those who reached adulthood in the early 21st century are often referred to as “millennials”, a moniker that has unfortunate connotations with laziness and entitlement which are often unfounded and grossly¬†general. The typical argument between a baby boomer and their millennial counterpart would touch upon themes like “you don’t know how easy you’ve got it”, or “back in my day you actually had to work for a living”.

Well, this 22-year-old Imgur user has had enough of all the stereotyping, and decided to take her uncle to task over his Facebook posts on the subject.

The debate began when her 48-year-old uncle shared a sarcastic post as a slight against the millennial generation wanting “free stuff”.

The post reads: “Hey guys, this is the government office where you can apply for your free college. They’ll even give you on the job training, work clothes, a free place to live and three hot meals a day all with the additional potential of international travel to Iraq &/or Afghanistan. Oh, you don’t like “free stuff” anymore?”

Let’s just say that the 22-year-old didn’t take kindly to her Uncle’s post, launching into a well reasoned, lengthy argument in riposte, pointing out the discrepancies in tuition fees from 1970 to today (remember to adjust for inflation) in comparison to the respective minimum wages from both time periods. As she points out, it can be frustrating to be labelled as lazy when facing the financial obstacles that many young people wishing to pay for college face today.

Somewhat missing the point, her uncle blames politicians for the problems young people today are facing, calling his niece “little girl”, which seems a little ironic considering the socio-political lesson she has just given him. In fact, it turns out to be completely the wrong way to go about the argument, as he gets shut down for good by the politically informed 22-year-old.

There are no further responses from the 48-year-old uncle, but he did apparently call his niece’s mother in what is surely one of the most ludicrously old school ways to deal with an argument.

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