Miley Cyrus Speaks out about the Reason She Quit Taking Drugs 

Achieving crossover success from childhood fame to becoming a fully-fledged star as an adult is no mean feat.

Quite apart from the relentless trappings of fame - which, if they are hard to deal with as an adult must be nigh on impossible to circumnavigate in one's youth - it can be difficult to shake the perceptions that the public held over you as a child and convince them that you are now a serious artist in adulthood.

There many different ways to attempt to achieve this, of course, and some achieve the transition more easily than others.

Having risen to fame largely due to her role in Hannah Montana, Miley Cyrus was faced with the challenge, and took to it with less a subtle approach and more a leap of faith, when she released an album entitled Bangerz and made waves by twerking on stage with Robin Thicke, causing general uproar in the process.

If you read anything about Miley Cyrus from that point onward, you might well have read about her love for weed - she spoke about it quite a lot - though in a recent interview with Billboard, Cyrus announced that she had quit the drug.


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