Meryl Streep Calls Out Trump For Mocking Disabled Reporter In Her Golden Globe Speech

With a mind-blowing 409 nominations and 157 wins throughout a long career in television, film and radio, it’s fair to say that Meryl Streep knows a thing or two about how to rock a good acceptance speech. Whether it’s graciously thanking the Academy for one of her three Oscar wins, or inspiring the next generation after picking up her honorary doctorate in fine arts, you can bet she’ll hit all the right notes with the gravitas you’d expect from one of this generation’s finest actresses.

In all of her various acceptance speeches, though, I doubt there would have been many where she actually called someone out in the way she did last night.

After receiving a lifetime achievement award at the Golden Globes, Meryl Streep used her acceptance speech not to hit the usual beats of generic thanks, but to call out perhaps the most discussed person in politics over the past year: Donald Trump.

With the Golden Globes cameras bearing down on her and the world at large hanging on her very word, she tore down the president-elect and his policies in a brutal five-minute tirade that’s sure to get under Trump’s skin as he prepares for his inauguration, which is less than two weeks from now. Turn to the next page to watch Meryl Streep call out Donald Trump at the Golden Globes.

Meryl Streep used her acceptance speech at the Golden Globes to call out Donald Trump’s policies and behaviour, and the Golden Globes captured the entire brutal tirade.

It’s a testament to Meryl Streep’s charisma and gravitas that, having lost her voice and deciding to wear perhaps the most distracting dress in film and television history, she still managed to steal the show with her speech.

Starting off by thanking the press for the prestigious Cecil B. Demille award, she then issued a rallying cry to the massive gathering of actors and actresses currently on our screens big and small, highlighting the diverse range of backgrounds that are responsible for establishing the backbone of pop culture. Without so much as mentioning his name, Meryl Streep then savaged Donald Trump for mocking a disabled reporter, labelling Trump’s actions as “bullying” and warning everyone present at the Golden Globes that, if left unchecked, this kind of destructive behaviour threatens to tear apart the very fabric of American society.

Meryl urged the press to “hold power to account” when it comes to the new administration, and urged everyone to support the Committee To Protect Journalists in order to keep “safeguarding the truth”. Finally, she highlighted the importance of empathy, not only in her acting work, but in society at large, and declared that everyone present should be proud of the work they have done.

Her words are sure to resonate throughout contemporary society, not least with Donald Trump, who has since responded that he was “not surprised” to come under attack, and dismissed Streep as a “Hillary lover”. As the changes made under Barack Obama come under threat, it will be fascinating to see how the political landscape unfolds once Donald Trump is officially US president on January 20th.

Throughout his successful candidacy, Donald Trump has never been reluctant to defend himself from his detractors, but recently, he’s been extending his attacks to his supporters as well. After the Apprentice underperformed with its new host and Trump supporter Arnold Schwarzenegger, Twitter was the arena for Arnie and Donald’s online argument.

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