Mentally Ill Man’s Face And Chest Burned Off After He Was Pinned To The Ground By Police

Unwarranted police brutality remains an epidemic in the United States, and it is rare for more than a few days to go by without another shocking story surfacing about law enforcement harming an innocent person either physically or psychologically.

Now, distressing pictures have emerged of a mentally ill man whose face and chest were burned off by the police.

While misconduct of this nature might sound extreme, it is not that rare. In December, a Georgian man named Joe Nathan Goodwin, pictured below, was forced by a Georgia sheriff to behead his own pet dog with a kitchen knife. This happened after the police suspected the animal of having rabies.

The animal, however, had already been shot dead, and Goodwin informed the police that it had been vaccinated against the disease. But they refused to let him get the animal's vaccination certificates and threatened him with arrest unless he complied.

The upsetting footage is below:

The dog in question had reportedly lunged at an officer, but the cops' actions still made no sense as they went against standard protocol for rabies testing. If the dog had been infected, their decision to force Goodwin to behead it could have also put his life in danger.

In many incidents of police brutality, force is often used when the person being questioned by law enforcement is unable to reply or satisfactorily comply with the police. At one point, Goodwin was even thrown against his car for being reluctant to behead his dog.

Unfortunately, a lack of understanding on the part of the police was what led to them mutilating 28-year-old James Bradford Nelson.

The shocking incident took place in Citrus Heights, Sacramento last June.


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