Men Reveal The Stereotypically “Girly” Things That They Secretly Love Doing

As feminism launches a full offensive on the world, we can easily forget that men also have it tough. Toxic masculinity means that men around the world are plagued by the belief that they should be ‘real men’ who don’t cry or show any emotion. In fact, it is often frowned upon in some social circles for men to enjoy anything remotely feminine.

“Real men” drink nothing but pints of beer whilst talking crudely about their past conquests in life. They have dirt under their fingernails, which they wash away with man products during a quick shower and they’d never ever consider wearing makeup, not even for a joke because ‘real men’ don’t go near that ‘girly stuff.’

As a woman myself, that expectation to live a ‘manly life’ seems exhausting. So it was nice to see men take to Reddit to discuss the stereotypically ‘girly’ exploits that they truly enjoy – even if they don’t openly tell people about it…

1. I feel pretty, oh so pretty

“Facemasks and moisturizing make me feel pretty. Also cocktails.” – @xcorinthianx

Thankfully men are now becoming brave enough to also talk about times they’ve been sexually harassed…

2. Justice for men!

“Wish 90% of bath tubs weren’t designed to be too small for a normally sized adult male…” – @monty845

3. Nailing life

“Manicure and a pedicure. Started going with my daughter so she didn’t have to go alone. I always ask if she needs one so I can go with.”– @NoClueDad

4. Let’s get emotional 

“A really good cry. I’ve been pretty emotional lately, just sad, and I’m not sure why. A mid-life crisis maybe. But a few weeks ago I broke down in my truck at work and started crying. Man, I felt so much better afterwards. I told my wife about it later when I got home and she hugged me and gave encouragement.

I felt ashamed at first, but now I approach with strength. The strength for me to realize that something is bothering me and my mind is trying to tell me to talk about it.” – @pex413

5. Drink up!

“I have a knack for ordering pink drinks without knowing. Seriously, I can walk into any bar, look at a cocktail menu and pick any random cocktail that I don’t know what it is. Guarantee it’ll be pink, and everyone will be looking at the guy in the bar drinking a pink, umbrella-laden drink. No fucks given, they’re delicious.” – @virileviking

6. I smell a real man

“Things that smell good are great, candles, those wax melting things, fabric softener. I don’t care, I love them. Who wouldn’t want their house to smell like spring, cinnamon, or woods, instead of dust? … F*ck candles being a girly thing anymore.” – @MidnightRanger

7. Teach me your ways

“Makeup tutorials fascinate me even though I have no interest in makeup what so ever.” – @753951321654987

8. This couple are winning…

“My wife and I have ‘girly night’. We do face masks, pluck hairs, and deep condition our hair. Yeah, it’s not traditionally masculine, but a.) F*ck tradition and b.) My skin is like f*ckin PORCELAIN. Fellas…do girly night with your wives. You can bond over that sh*t, and you’ll look like solid gold.” – @Digita1B0y

9. Bottoms up!

“Mimosas, I fucking love mimosas. I’m 6’5 and my girlfriend is tiny and adorable and orders bloody Mary’s at brunch. Our orders often get confused.” – @rancidperiodblood

10. Look smart

“Interior design. Having a place that looks put together is very satisfying.” – @Jacobgrey

11. Tweeze me

“I tweeze my eyebrows, some of my guy friends have said it’s ‘gay as f*ck’ but women love it to be perfectly honest. Plus it’s about the only time that i actually feel sort of attractive and that makes me happy.” – @billegoat45

12. Turn up the volume!

“Katy Perry’s ‘Roar’ speaks directly to the 14-year-old girl that lives in my 35-year-oldd man heart.” – @kremidas

13. Nailing it

“I recently started filing my fingernails after cutting them. It’s amazing, no more snags going into my pocket or accidentally scratching myself.” – @Piderman113

14. Pee problems

“Sitting down to pee” – @drawkcabog

15. Conceal me

“Started wearing makeup in high school to disguise blemishes… and that’s continued to this day. Subtlety is the key. Even a tinted moisturizer can improve your complexion markedly.” – @yeahthelads

Do you feel enlightened by men’s habits behind closed doors? Maybe you know a man who loves to order a cocktail, or have a pamper night? Rather than mock him, congratulate him for being in touch with his feminine side!

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