Men Produce Better Sperm When They’re Cheating On Their Partners

Men, listen up. If you want to have children: cheat on your partner. That is one of the findings of some risky new research by the University of Ohio.

Ok, so I've jumped to some conclusions but I also sort of haven't. A study carried out by the College of Wooster found that guys ejaculate faster and produce more, high quality sperm when they masturbate to a "novel female stimulus". To you and I, a "novel female stimulus" is porn and what this means is that men are at their sexually reproductive best when they're with a new woman.

Study co-author Dr. Laura K. Sirot, assistant professor of biology, told the Huffington Post that 'our study does not suggest anything about whether monogamy was favoured or disfavoured by natural selection. However, the results of this study and other studies of human differential ejaculation behaviour suggest that extra-pair (or extramarital) copulations may have occurred in our evolutionary past.'




While the study may be a useful indicator of our evolutionary biology, it also has practical uses. Researchers are hoping that the findings will help better identify and treat male infertility. When men see doctors about possible infertility problems, they are asked to masturbate to novel female stimuli. What the University of Ohio have discovered means that this sperm might be of a high quality than the sperm they are producing with their partners. This can, therefore, conceal the problem from doctors. For women, this may mean less invasive diagnostic tests due to incorrect male diagnoses.


For the study, scientists took semen samples from 21 men as they masturbated to seven sexually explicit films over a 15 day period. The actor and actress were the same for the first six films, but the final film used a different actress. Researchers found that ejaculate obtained from watching the seventh film was larger in volume and contained more mobile sperm than the other samples. The men also took less time to ejaculate.




Sirot conceded that 'it is possible that the actresses or scenes randomly chosen for the novel trial for each participant tended to be ones that the men found more arousing. We did not ask the men for a subjective rating of their level of arousal. However, our experiment was deliberately designed to try to eliminate any consistent differences between the video clips other than the novelty itself.'

It doesn't say much about us men, does it. What does it take to get a man to participate in this study, you ask? The answer: nothing. The 21 men were not paid, even though they abstained from alcohol and sexual activity in the 48 hours before each masturbation session. God, we are so easy.

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