Meghan Trainor Face Planted On ‘The Tonight Show’ And We Couldn’t Help But Laugh

Everyone who wears high heels on a regular basis has to just accept that at one point in their life they will probably fall over rather epically in front of a whole bunch of people. This something which Meghan Trainor learnt the hard way this week. On Thursday evening the 22-year-old singer took a spectacular fall on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.


In the most awkward moment of her career so far, Meghan finished a wonderful performance, only to loose balance in her heels and fall to the floor. Jimmy Fallon walked over to help her up, but reconsidered and instead chose to lay down beside her so she wouldn’t feel so awkward.

After an energetic performance of her new single, Me Too, Meghan lost her footing and fell to the floor. The fall, which can be seen in the video below, is almost as epic as Naomi Campbells’ infamous fall of 1993. By this logic, we’ll probably be talking about Meghan falling on the Jimmy Fallon show for another twenty years to come.

Trainor then took to Twitter to address the incident: “Might have fell down… but I KILLLED that sh-t hahaha,” she tweeted. “#keepinitreal thank you @fallontonight.” This is kind of ironic since his Twitter handle (Fallon Tonight) also looks like “Fall On Tonight” which is much more apt.

Continue over the page to see an influx of hilarious tweets about Meghan’s fall.

Meghan might have felt embarrassed about the entire situation but Twitter had her back. The general consensus is that Jimmy Fallon is a stellar human being for lying down next to her and that Meghan is even more lovable after falling on that Bass. I guess now, it’s all about that face plant.

Tweet 1

Tweet 2

Tweet 3

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Tweet 5

We are just glad Meghan is okay. Also she might be the only woman in the world who can face plant epically on national TV and be loved even more for it! Whenever I fall over in my heels, people just tell me to stop drinking, which I think is harsh but probably fair. To make Meghan feel better, we’ve found a clip of a German singer falling over during her performance far, far less gracefully than Trainor did.

Did I laugh? Of course I did. Face planting happens to the best and worst of us. It’s best to just accept it as a normal phenomenon and hope when it does happen to you, no one you are trying to impress is watching.

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