Meghan Markle’s Old Resumé Lists ‘Stripping’ As One Of Her Many Talents

When Prince Harry announced that he would be marrying American actress, Meghan Markle, the world questioned her suitability. Not only had the 36-year-old actress been married once before, but she’d also had some rather questionable acting roles which cast a shadow of judgment over her royal eligibility.

However, the concerns quickly melted after Prince Harry and Markle gave their first interview together. It was evident that the two shared a strong connection, despite only having been dating for 16 months.

But now, it would appear that their mutual love for one another isn’t the only thing they share in common. In an unlikely reveal, it would appear that the ginger prince and the Suits actress also have a shared interest in stripping.

According to TMZ, who have access to a copy of Markle’s old resumé, the future duchess listed some rather unconventional talents and skills. The brunette beauty, who once posed as a briefcase girl on Deal or No Deal, claimed to be good at many sports, including basketball, golf, swimming, horse riding, snowboarding and baton twirling.

But, in a strange twist, one certain to make the Queen blush, Markle also stated that she was a talented DJ, juggler, masseuse, and stripper.

Of course, this isn’t the first stripper scandal to ruffle the perfectly preened feathers of the royal family. How could we forget Prince Harry’s own exposé in 2012, whilst on a lads’ vacation in Las Vegas?

The fifth in line to the throne was left rather red-faced (well, pinker in hue than is natural for a red-head) when he was caught on camera playing strip billiards in a hotel room with multiple unnamed women, who were also wearing less than is appropriate for those in the presence of British royalty.

Markle has been open when discussing her past, which has seen her rent her calligraphy skills in order to make herself some extra cash to fund her Hollywood dream.

The 36-year-old accepted many minor roles in films and TV shows as she attempted to make a name for herself in Tinseltown, including playing the role of ‘Hot Girl’ in A Lot Like Love. She also appeared in the teen drama 90210, where she had a brief moment on screen stimulating oral sex on one of the main characters.

However, once she landed the role of Rachel Zane on the legal drama Suits, Markle began to focus on her humanitarian work and the launch of her website, The Tig, which focused on “self-empowerment.”

Meanwhile, Prince Harry put his controversial clubbing days behind him. Instead, the 33-year-old has been dedicating himself to charity work with huge success.

The couple are scheduled to marry in May next year at Windsor Castle, shortly after the birth of the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge’s third child. Rumor also has it that there will be pole dancers at the social event of the year, as well as a girl jumping out of the wedding cake!

Despite the apparent mutual connection, many are still not sure that Meghan is the right girl for Prince Harry. This video has more details on the controversial pairing:

Regardless of what other people may think, I believe love should always come before the rules and regulations that come with the monarchy, and that Meghan will become a wonderful duchess. We wish nothing but happiness for the couple.

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