Meet Timmy ‘The World’s Angriest Tortoise’ Who’s Set To Terrorize The Same Family For 100 Years

Did you have any unusual pets growing up? Perhaps you knew someone who owned a ferret or a chinchilla? How about a tortoise? One man thought that a tortoise would be a great pet for his young children, but it turned out that he was very, very wrong.

He unknowingly purchased the angriest tortoise in the world, 12-year-old Timmy.

Sports coach John French first saw Timmy the tortoise in a vivarium in a nursery he was working in.

The little tortoise was banging his head against the glass walls of his enclosure. That should have been the first red flag, but John, who already owns three large turtles, couldn’t resist the rambunctious reptile¬†and decided to buy him.

John brought Timmy home to his wife and two young children, thinking that the tortoise would make the perfect pet. He could be kept in the garden, wouldn’t run away, and he was expected to be generally low maintenance.

However, Timmy quickly turned out to be a nightmare, and the tiny tortoise began violently head-butting and biting everything in sight. While Timmy did move into the garden, he immediately took it over as his own.

Timmy wouldn’t let anyone near his space. He would attack, biting his family members’ shoes, if they walked too close to him.

John feared Timmy could bite his children’s fingers, and, as a result, he has stopped having parties for his kids at their home out of worry that Timmy will attack a visiting child.

“He is very territorial. Anything that is in the garden that isn’t grass gets attacked,” John claimed.

He also says that Timmy head-butts any toys or lawn ornaments, moving them away from his space.

Timmy is featured below chasing John:

John revealed Timmy wasn’t always so bad. In fact, his wife, Steph, didn’t even know Timmy was living with them for a while!

“We had to look for him in the garden because he would hide himself away but after a year he became so territorial,” John said. “My wife didn’t realize he was living with us. Now she hates him. He goes for her feet. They can live for 100 years but my wife didn’t realize that either.”

John claimed, upon discovering Timmy, that their new tortoise was only visiting for the summer, and had to break the news later that he was now a permanent member of their family who was likely to outlive them both.

In fact, Timmy is set to terrorize the whole family for another 100 years.

Timmy now has his own enclosure in the garden with a greenhouse and large pen. While the French family has had to sacrifice part of their garden to the tortoise, John hopes the enclosure will prevent Timmy from harming his family and guests.

Apparently, aggression can be common in male tortoises, especially around the time of year they usually mate.

However, John is resistant to find Timmy a suitable partner.¬†“He is crazy,” John claims. “I would get him a girlfriend, but I think he might kill her.”

But Timmy isn’t the only aggressive tortoise in the world. If you’re looking for more, check out Mama. You can watch this three-year-old reptile chase away two bulldogs. At first, the curious dogs just want to play, but Mama is having none of it!

No one messes with Mama!

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