Meet The Twins Who Were Born Within Minutes Of Each-other But In 2 Separate Years

For those of us who aren't a twin, having a duplicate version of ourselves seems like fun. Inspired by films like The Parent Trap, we all crave a sidekick who can finish our sentences for us. However, this halcyon dream is abruptly torn apart with the realization that every birthday we celebrate will be shared.

Suddenly the romantic dream of having a twin becomes a nightmare featuring a joint party with a shared birthday cake, and candles that you'll have to extinguish simultaneously. Not even the most generous of people can look positively upon this element of twinhood.

But what if it were possible to become a twin, and celebrate your birthday on different days? Or different years? Well, the latter is the case for the Ontivero twins who, despite sharing the same womb, celebrate their birthday on different days one year after the other!

How could something like that be possible, you ask? Well, Joaquin Ontivero was born on New Year's Eve in 2017 at two minutes to midnight, while his little sister, Aitana was born 18 minutes later - after the world celebrated the arrival of 2018.


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