Meet The Sugar Baby Who Doesn’t Work Because Her Daddies Pay For Everything

Ah, the life of luxury! Who doesn’t want to give up their job to jet set around the world, sip expensive champagne, and buy designer labels, fancy cars, and pricey jewelry?

To learn more about Toon’s sugar baby lifestyle and to find out about the most lavish gifts that she has received, check out the video below:

Of course, the money to support that kind of lifestyle has to come from somewhere, but one woman named Simone Toon has found a way to live luxuriously without working a single day a week. She has decided to become a sugar baby, which means she relies on rich, older boyfriends to pay for her.

The 25-year-old considers herself a London “lady of leisure” and dates wealthy older men – or “sugar daddies” – in exchange for them providing her with plenty of cash. She confesses she goes shopping every day, purchases a new handbag each week, and rarely wakes up before noon.

Her only “work” has been getting a boob job, which was paid for by two of her previous sugar daddies. However, Toon wants to be clear that her sugar baby status should not be confused with being an escort.

“An escort is seeing people every hour. I’m not. I’m seeing the same person exclusively,” she said. Toon confessed she has been in six “long-term” sugar daddy relationships in the past five years.

“You fall in love, you are heartbroken. Just because they are older and richer, it doesn’t necessarily mean you can’t get hurt,” Toon confessed, adding that three years ago when her first sugar daddy relationship ended, she didn’t know how to take care of herself.

“I think it took me a little while to overcome the fact I’m on my own now, I have to depend on myself, I have to find a job, I have to kind of pay rent and stuff, that was the difficult part,” she said. She also confessed that she has stayed in unhappy relationships because of her financial dependence.

Toon says she could never be in a typical relationship now. “I could never ever imagine being with someone who wouldn’t treat me and wouldn’t pay for my lifestyle. I tried and it just didn’t work,” she revealed.

As a result, she has created an online dating profile for herself on the website Seeking Arrangement, which aims to match sugar babies with potential sugar daddies.

Toon revealed that her love of sugar daddy relationships came about quite naturally. She said, “I was introduced to an older guy, who was very successful and it happened naturally. I found him really attractive and I liked where he lived, I liked the lifestyle and that’s how I became a sugar baby.”

Personally, I don’t see how these types of relationships could truly lead to something healthy and long-term. There would always be a power dynamic and level of unequal control involved. However, Toon doesn’t seem to mind. She’s more thrilled by her recent shopping allowance and a free trip to Dubai.

“I went to Dubai last week, for five days with my current sugar daddy,” she said. “It was amazing. He just said, ‘Here’s $9,960, go shop, go enjoy yourself.’”

To be honest, I’m a little leery of anyone who says all they want from life is “nice things”, but perhaps some people really are only skin deep.

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