Meet The Petrifying ‘C-Men’, The Counter-Terrorism Officers Ready To Take Down ISIS

ISIS, or Islamic State as they dub themselves, have usurped the likes of Al-Qaeda as far as being the Middle East's great threat to Western civilisation, and a hotbed for radicalisation of young Muslims, despite strong opposition from the majority of Islamic communities.

Recent times have seen them escalate their efforts, including the infamous set of attacks on Paris in the last year, and with tensions only growing in the East given the crisis in Syria as well as in other countries like Afghanistan and Iraq, ISIS seem to have ample support at their side, and intend to keep going on the offensive.


In light of recent events, national security in many countries, including the United Kingdom, has had to be stepped up, with increased police and surveillance becoming hot topics of debate and discussion. Now, the Metropolitan Police have deployed a new team to help combat terrorism in the UK. Flip the page to find out more.


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