Meet The 33-Year-Old Man Who Is Addicted To Dating Older Women… Much Older Women

We all have a type when it comes to the dating department. Whether you’ve got a thing for women with a quirky dress sense and short hair or guys with beards and impressive Instagram pages. But few people in the world can say they’re addicted to dating people three times their age.

One of the rare exceptions to this role is 33-year-old Kyle Jones of Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania, who is a self-confessed addict to much older women. He appeared on an episode of TLC’s My Strange Addiction to explain what it was like to date women old enough to be his grandma.

Check out the video below for a fascinating insight into his unusual love life:

“I love everything about older women. I love the smell, I love the feel, I love the mentality,” he says enthusiastically in a preview of the show.

“I love dentures. Women can be self-conscious about dentures. Ladies, I promise you, telling your man that you have dentures will not turn him off,” he revealed. “It’ll put a smile on his face. It’ll put a smile on his pants.”

Despite his fondness for older women, however, one of Kyle’s friends was determined to show him the charms that younger ladies had to offer by setting him up on a blind date with the woman pictured below, Candace.

Sadly, all he did was ask for her grandma’s number.

Although there are a number of names for attractive older women in popular culture such as “MILF” (or “GILF”) and “cougar”, Kyle prefers to refer the women in his life (yes, he dates more than one grandma at a time) as “silver foxes”. He does this because he’s turned on by grey hair.

Kyle revealed that he discovered that he was sexually attracted to much older women when he was in sixth grade.

“There was a really sexy teacher, and she was probably about 65. She had the platinum hair, she was top-heavy and she was just gorgeous,” he recalls.

Kyle’s love of older women escalated to the point where he was dating a 50-year-old when he was just 18.

Pictured above is a woman named Karen who caught Kyle’s eye on a dating website after his unsuccessful blind date with Candace.

The two immediately hit it off, and, after their dinner, Karen agreed to go back to Kyle’s place where they shared a passionate kiss.

“She absolutely has the look that I’m attracted to. She has the platinum hair, she has a great smile. She looks very pretty and very adventurous,” he observes.

Kyle is pictured below with one of his many former girlfriends.

Karen admitted that she was nervous about dating someone as young as Kyle but said that she was looking forward to it as it was a new experience.

“The date with Karen was incredible. She was 100 percent my type,” Kyle says afterward. Karen added that she had a “wonderful time”.

While Karen’s age was not disclosed on the show, the oldest woman Kyle has dated was 91-year-old Marjorie McCool as of 2014. It is not, however, known if the happy couple, pictured below, are still together or if Marjorie is indeed still alive.

The pair hit the headlines in 2014 when they boasted about their very active sex life, with Marjorie claiming that despite her age, “I can get my leg up on his shoulder.”

“We have a very physical relationship,” Kyle said. “We talk on the phone every now and then, but it’s very sexual. We’ve been out a couple of times but generally, it’s very physical.”

Kyle admitted that there’s a downside to his addiction: the women he dates die quicker than he’d like (probably because he gets the hearts racing a little too fast).

“When I went back to Florida, three of the women I had been seeing there were no longer with us,” he said. “I don’t believe in karma, but I could walk outside and get hit by a car so generally it’s not something I think about.”

Oh well, they do say each to their own, so we’d like to wish Kyle and his lovers all the best!

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