McDonald’s Workers Share Secrets On How Customers Can Save Money

While a trip to a fancy restaurant is nice every once in a while, nothing compares to fast food when it comes to sheer enjoyment and value for money, and that sentiment is no better expressed than at the king of fast food joints, McDonald’s. Sure, going there with a significant other on a date is a fast way to become single, but I’m such a lazy cook that I wish I could live on McDonald’s for the rest of my life.

There’s two chief reasons, however, why I don’t trade in my weekly grocery shop for a delicious McDiet; one, it’ll probably kill me in a slow and agonising manner, and two, while McDonald’s is cheaper than going to a restaurant every day, it’s also slightly too expensive to be eating on a regular basis.

Four dollars every now and again is quite palatable, but spending twelve dollars a day on food seven days a week? No, I’m not Lovin’ It. For those who’d like to feed exclusively on McNuggets and Big Macs, though, a few tricks of the trade have been revealed that might save you some significant cash in the long run, and altogether transform your fast food experience at McDonald’s.

If you’re looking for answers on the internet with more of a personal experience twist, you can do a lot worse than visiting Quora. It works a lot like Yahoo! Answers, except the people answering questions are (for the most part) sane, rational people. If you’re looking for a solution to a problem from someone who’s been in your shoes, there aren’t many better. Quora users around the web answered the burning questions surrounding everyone’s favourite fast food joint, and let us in on a few tips of the trade.

As much as we love McDonald’s, there are some pitfalls that detract ever so slightly from the overall experience in the restaurant. There’s nothing like a nice, hot burger and fries that are fresh from the kitchen, but depending on timing and your own rotten luck, you might end up with a meal that could have been sitting there for hours. With this simple trick, though, you can ensure that your meal is fresh each and every time.

For the penny pinchers and those who’d like to combine a McMuffin with some fries and achieve culinary perfection, these tips will blow your mind.

So you’ve ensured that you’ve saved every penny possible in pursuit of perfection, and you’ve also ensured that your meal is as fresh as it can possibly be. Next, why not try ordering off the secret menu, and chow down while all eyes are on you in barely-contained envy?

If you’re living in the UK and looking for a fancier culinary experience at fast food prices, be sure to head to McDonald’s at either lunch or dinner time for the best food and the best service.

Is your favourite meal the Big Mac, but you don’t really feel like paying $5.99 for a meal? If you can handle not having a middle bun, you can replicate the same tastes with a special order double cheeseburger for less than a third of the price.

My favourite part of a McDonald’s breakfast is the Hash Brown. The next time I head to the Golden Arches in the first hours of daybreak, I’m definitely going to be utilising this trick.

This final McHack is for those people with such a hearty appetite that a mere Big Mac meal is no match for their monstrous digestive system. For such a tall burger, the patties are notoriously small but now, you can get quarter pounder beef instead.

When you’re in the mood for McDonald’s, nothing else can fill the gaping void in your stomach. Now, with these tips, tricks and hacks, you can get the most out of your visit to McDonalds, and only then can you truly say: “I’m lovin’ it”.

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