McDonald’s Just Introduced A Huge Change To The Big Mac And I’m Excited

If there’s one thing you can blame hipsters for, it’s food. If you’re sick of finding kale and quinoa lurking in the most unexpected of places (kaleamole, anyone?), I’d suggest you head down to your closest Whole Foods or flat white outlet and start yelling at the first person you come across. They’re probably to blame.

However, it’s not all bad. Hipsters are also responsible for the huge increase in hot sauce varieties in our supermarkets, including everyone’s favourite fiery treat, Sriracha. If you enjoy chowing down on Sriracha crisps and popcorn every now and again, then perhaps you should pipe down and let the youth of today carry on dictating our ever-burgeoning food trends.


In fact, Sriracha has become so popular that even mainstream food joints are starting to jump on board. Yes, that’s right: Sriracha is about to invade your fast food, and everyone’s getting very excited. Head over to the next page to find out how.

McDonald’s has just announced that they’re testing a new Sriracha Big Mac, along with an all-important dipping sauce for your chips. Sadly, the new flavour is only currently available in Columbus, Ohio, but if it does well there, there are plans to release it to the rest of the world.


If you’re too impatient to wait for the Big Mac’s spicy cousin, you could always sneak a bottle of the spicy stuff into your local branch and create your own DIY version. Just don’t tell your friends, or they’ll all want some.


If a Sriracha Big Mac isn’t quite doing enough to persuade you to join the dark side, then maybe the news that sweet potato McFries are a thing might just push you over the edge. Go on, you know you want to.

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