McDonald’s Has A New Utensil For Your Fries, And It Looks Absolutely Ridiculous

You might not think about the amount of effort that goes into producing fast food. “Oh sure,” I can hear you say, “You flip a patty and add mustard, a bun and those slices of pickle that nobody ever eats. What’s the big deal?” But when it comes to multi-conglomerate chains like Burger King, KFC, Subway or McDonald’s, the whole experience is carefully crafted to make the maximum amount of profit. Not only that, but each meal has to be exactly the same standard in order to ensure brand loyalty. After all, people go to chains because they’re a familiar experience that can (in theory) be enjoyed the same way any time, anywhere.

And you’ve got to remember that McDonald’s employs thousands of people in order to refine the dining experience; making it tastier, cheaper and more efficient, exploring how to get the consistency of the McFlurry just perfect, or how to make the fries salty and the batter of the nuggets crisped to perfection.

Sometimes, the work of these eggheads do actually make the dining experience run more smoothly, like the self-service machines or the recycling bins. But a lot of the time, you can tell that somewhere along the line, someone got a bad idea and no-one had the heart or the integrity to veto it. I, for one, wish we could find the guy who had the bright idea to discontinue the Mulan Szechuan Sauce.

But now, McDonald’s have come up with what might just be their weirdest innovation yet, in the form of a bizarre eating utensil that absolutely no-one, and I mean no-one, asked for. Ladies and gentlemen, I present to you: The Frork.

So one of the biggest advantages of fries are that they’re finger food, am I right? You can eat chips with your hands by just picking them out of the paper carton. It’s simple, informal and convenient: everything the fast food industry should ostensibly be in favour of. But the McDonald’s Corporation seems to think that this is too easy, and so have applied their finest minds to create a product that nobody asked for, to solve a problem that doesn’t exist. With that in mind, they invented the Frork.

The Frork is a thinly-disguised PR stunt designed to promote their Signature Crafted Recipes sandwiches – Pico Guacamole, Sweet BBQ Bacon and Maple Bacon Dijon. According to the above trailer, the Frork has been designed as a tool to allows you to slot fries inside, creating something that looks like a potato hairbrush, and then use the fries to sweep dip like a paintbrush, before munching them off the end.

“Will the Frork change your life? Probably not,” states Anthony Sullivan in the ad. “Will the Frork improve your Signature Crafted Recipes eating experience? I mean, sure… maybe! When savouring these recipes, there’s a hitch you just can’t ditch: The topping dropping. This is a real problem. Wait, sorry, is this a real problem? Probably not, but good news: we solved it anyway.”

Unsurprisingly, the online reaction to the Frork has been one of outright incredulity, but you can only purchase these uselessly useful tools for a limited time from certain restaurants. I don’t think this has been one of the brand’s better ideas. Hey, whatever happened to the unlimited fries concept that they were apparently trialling?

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